INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)

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36 мыслей о “INSIDE NORTH KOREA (Surreal experience)

  1. Caitlin Fisher сказал:

    I feel so bad for those people in North Korea I wish that the country’s around it would step in and saves those poor sad people like if you do one thing wrong you and your whole family gets sent to the prison camps and the kids born there stay there forever cause they say they have guilty blood same with everyone else and there’s no freedom it just breaks my heart honestly like everybody in North Korea can’t even speak out about there feelings and there also not allowed to say anything bad about the leader or else they get sent to the camps along with there family, the camps have been around 5x longer than the nazi camps

  2. Aoi Top Gear сказал:

    Oh man you are so disgusting and also so ridiculous, your FAKE video starts with "I was not paid" but any smart guy can understand that you GET PAID for this disgusting PROPAGANDA for the worst REGIME of the world. I think people like you not deserves to live in democratic countries, you have to live in NK or ISLAMIC IRAN under the ASSASSIN'S REGIME that you do PROPAGANDA for them.
    oh man you are absolutely disgusting, I'm sure if you were in 1942 you would traveled to German Nazi to show how much peaceful and great are them.
    Oh man I wish all bad for you, you deserve no respect.

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