INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 3

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Watch if you’re tired of mainstream media and politicians shaping our view of how we see Iran. EPISODE 3 OF 3. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

47 мыслей о “INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 3

  1. Aria Show сказал:

    Hey Mr.Peter. Im a Iranian boy and I wanna say two things. First we dont have even a problem with your country or other countries(except some guys). All of haters are from our goverment and we really love every country in the world. And the second thing is U should come to Shiraz. I live in Shiraz and trust me, if U come to shiraz U'll love it. Shiraz have many intresting places(like Hafez, Persepolis, Saadi, Eram garden and a lot of other beautiful places )
    Cant wait to see your other videos from Iran :)) <3

  2. Play Lyrics сказал:

    Hopefully sombody said a truth about iran. This was real and i approve it as an iranian.
    Thank you peter, your right. We got love for the people of everywhere but unfortunately no government likes us. Its a bit complicated you know…

  3. Mani Far x сказал:

    You just show one part of truth the biggest part is government but we’re never give up I’m in Dubai but I really love my county people and I love him forever ♾ i really wanna travel to iran I really miss my country and people ??when I live in iran I always went to going to dubai for always but I regret it ?I wanna tell to Iranian people iran is best country for him ❤️به امید روزهایی بهتر

  4. Robert S сказал:

    Dear viewrs, for your information: IRAN'S correct, true and original flag has 3 colors of Green, White, Red with symbol of LION and SUN in the middle, unfortunately the current symbol does not represent our nation it just represent the idiology who is not popular and hated by majority of the Iranians and that is the Islamic Republic. Has nothing to do with Allah which is the God according to muslems and no national meaning.

  5. DEEP DOPE сказал:

    ???❤️?thank you for this video
    We all should love each other
    And etc is just bunch of names we created
    But we are human at the end and we should love and respect and help each other to grow up

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