INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 1

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Watch if you’re curious about Iran and want to see a different view away from mainstream news and politics. EPISODE 1 of 3. MY IRAN VIDEOS …

44 мысли о “INSIDE IRAN – American in Iran ??(anti-American?) Episode 1

  1. Tima сказал:

    Hi it's Tima ?
    I'm living in Iran and I have never seen It this much beautiful …
    I've seen all of your videos about Iran and I really liked the style of your videos ?
    There's lots of more beautiful places in Iran that you didn't see yet ?
    So , I really hope you come again ?
    I suggest you Mashhad city in the east of the country . and specially esfehan and shiraz in the heart of Iran .
    Thanks for describing Iran the way it is not the way that medias doing , I appreciate it ?

  2. Lisa Marie сказал:

    Iran ?? is the most beautiful ❤️ country the people the food and shopping is ? amazing plus the scenery and history is so beautiful
    Sad the American media is so cruel and potrays Iran ?? in such a negative light. Thankyou for showing the true Iran ?? and the people

  3. Keyvan Mehrbakhsh сказал:

    as i watched this this came to the mind that you might be able to connect to some more special people in a more hidden layer of this postmodern mess the pictures could connect us to different aspects of a giant utopia like space even though it's all fake by the way if there was another time by any chance gimme a message and i'll open a magic gate to another level for you.

  4. Shirin Moddaresy сказал:

    Hi, I'm from Iran.
    I just wanted to say something important:
    We aren't like our government. we love America and all the other countries and we love their people.❤
    We just want world peace.
    We are not resentful and we want all the people of the world to know as soon as possible that we love the American people❤

  5. alex سشسشی сказал:

    if you dont know let me tell you the goverment killed more than 8000 people in a protest and prison 10000 because they want to have a good life and not be hungry so most of thing you see in news are true i saw how they kill people with ak47 and heavy machine gun like dshk and tank front the people even has no food money and weapon to defend themselves i hope on day they Pay their dues a part of people heat usa and american because they think you are Infidel and your army is terrorist but most of people dose not has any problem with the other countries and they love usa and … but there is no good goverment in iran youtube facebook twiter yahoo telegram viber pubg call of duty and every thing is blocked in iran net is slow i spent money for 4 to 40 mg per second bur i get less than 3 mg the hardware and camputer parts and every thing made outside was always expensive even before the sanction and it s good for you but as you sayd there is a Grief inside us

  6. Desertdn сказал:

    Peter, that's great that you met so many friendly and hospitable Iranis. That doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
    The reason the U.S. State Department advises against travel to Iran is because so many American citizens have been kidnapped and held hostage by the Irani government. Several Americans remain imprisoned in Iran right now. The State Department doesn't want to add you to that list.
    What would happen to one of the young women you met if she shed her hijab and went walking in public in t-shirt and shorts? She could be arrested and beaten or whipped by the modesty police.
    The Islamic Republic of Iran has been waging a war of terrorism against the U.S. for 41 years–since the revolution. Iran has killed more than 1000 Americans in that time. No other country can make that claim.
    Iran funds terrorist groups worldwide, all of which attack Israel and American interests. The assassination of Solemani will end up saving American lives because planning terrorist attacks was his full-time job.
    The Irani government and the Irani people are completely different. If there is regime change and the people regain control of their government, the world will be a safer place.

  7. Robert S сказал:

    Dear viewrs, for your information: IRAN'S correct, true and original flag has 3 colors of Green, White, Red with symbol of LION and SUN in the middle, unfortunately the current symbol does not represent our nation it just represent the idiology who is not popular and hated by majority of the Iranians and that is the Islamic Republic. Has nothing to do with Allah which is the God according to muslems and no national meaning.

  8. Al Shirani сказал:

    I am glad you made this movie about Iran, I think all Americans and even Europeans must watch this movie, I remember a couple of months ago I had gone to visit my doctor for a check up. I told him that last month I had gone to Iran to visit my family. He said that I must be very careful when I go there… I just told him that Iran is much much safer than many American cities… Unfortunately this was the mentality of an educated doctor in US… You can blame it on the level of brainwashing system in this so called free country….

  9. Milad Zarabi сказал:

    Thanks Mr. Santenello you could show behavior of Iranian people to another people specially to USA people we respect to reall USA people because they respect to my people we don't have problem with any body my people and the slamic republic of Iran doesn't have problem with any body we have problem with USA government and governments don't respect to right of Iranian nation so we can connect people of around world with each other and we be away from war and enjoy from our selve world you said some people said don't go Iran it's funy because they don't travel to different countries like Iran only hear to governmentls and governmentls news channels they said to our selve people Iran is dangerous these people didn't support you about your trip we must open our selve eyes and never allow anyone any politicians talk about everything easy and then stick our selve mind we can search about everything and find what things are right or no This is my first time I see your trip film to Iran because I have not even saw your trip show I think it was good

  10. jahan kane сказал:

    Counrty side is cheap to visit and loads of history to.explore. food is great and fresh . Clever making .replica of any mew technology . Ppl.frm tabriz follow.and.speak turlish language as well and tht was a bonus for me when i my iranian lady. Only the hardest part was.. marrying officially and getting all documentation in place for approvel. But at the end all worth it.

  11. jahan kane сказал:

    I Was working for an American farm and visited many countries,once i was passing Tabriz i accidentally bumped into a family and loved their hospitality and their culture. I got so impressed i end up marrying with a girl whos my wife still+two kids. Every time we visited i felt i reborn . The people are still welcome you and their family tradition are great too.
    Even now whem i travelled through taxi . The owner never charged me due to fact i am a foreigner as a good gesture . Iranian People love their culture and i am getring sucked into it.

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