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A rare glimpse at the current situation outside of Caracas, in a small rural town. -My Instagram: -All my Venezuela …


  1. Alvarez сказал:

    Please watch this !!! ??????
    From my perspective, the video was a little bias and strange. This is because the guide was blatantly anti-Maduro. He constantly mocked Chavez and constantly referred the government as a dictator. I thought this was a neutral video about Venezuela. Also, it was pretty suspicious and strange that a random teenage girl came to you and asked you for food. That to me was scripted. It feeds to the propaganda that people are eating zoo animals which they are not. for more information and especially from a regular Venezuelan perspective watch this video

  2. Yu Li сказал:

    poor country. it pissed off usa and it was abandonned by russia and china. i dont know what future is in stock for it. its people should work hard and stop fantacising international help.

  3. Felix Blackwood сказал:

    I'd known some Venezuelans in the past and liked them very much, and the people in the video just reinforced that positive opinion. It's a shame that the current Venezuelan government has run the country into the ground with its economic illiteracy and chronic mismanagement. Maduro and his clown cronies want to blame everything on the United States, but the majority of the country's woes are because of Chavez and Maduro.

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