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24 мысли о “INSIDE CHERNOBYL, IT IS CRAZY (Inside the Red-Zone)

  1. Anthony Morgan сказал:

    Teachers seeking to explain the oneness of the world sometimes use the example of " Caesar's Breath ."
    As the assassinated Roman leader lay dying in the senate house, his final exhalation contained about as many molecules of oxygen and nitrogen as there are lungfuls of air in the earth's atmosphere. Thus every breath we breathe we inhale air of Julius Caesar's final breath.
    If that is so, think of Chernobyl and the vast quantity of radioactive particles it spewed forth during those nine days of fire and fear.
    In the ensuing months and years, traces of Chernobyl radiation were detected in nearly every part of the earth, as far away as Canada and Patagonia and as high as the stratosphere. Now and forever, every breath we take will contain pieces ( sic) of Chernobyl's deadly cough.

    Reported by Helen Gibson/ London, Andrew M. Keith/ Moscow and Sergei Kiesselyov/ Kiev.

  2. Ryan Woodcock сказал:

    Dude…i seen a youtube video that featured someone traveling in there with a radioactive radar..and the tour group took them deep into the city and it was registering around 7.9 and higher!! when its at 0.9 get out!

    the tourist made the tour guide stop and turn around. tour over!


  3. M.Erkan Çam сказал:

    After I watched chernobyl tv series. I wanted to watch someone who visited here. This is the most serious, well explained video series on youtube about chernobyl. Its because he is far away from populism. He literally wants to share his trip with us. This is not a video made for clicks. I can feel the sincerity of him

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