INDIA TO RUSSIA? Travel To The World's Biggest Country

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VLOG #50. Some would say India and Russia is an extremely strange combination. Some would be correct. This day is a very emotional day… Thanks so much …

45 мыслей о “INDIA TO RUSSIA? Travel To The World's Biggest Country

  1. Abby Lindsey сказал:

    Hey Nick! I’ve been watching your channel since you were in Bangladesh and I just watched an older video where you were in New Delhi at the Lotus Temple- which was incredibly cool because I am a Baha’i and of course the Lotus Temple is a Baha’i temple. Kinda disappointed that you said it didn’t belong to a specific religion because it totally does! I love, love, LOVE your vlogs though, keep it up! Can’t wait to see where you go next!

  2. C сказал:

    Just going through some of your old videos now. 100% agree with Aeroflot, I flew from Russia to Germany with them and they are good.
    Russia is great mate, I highly recommend – I was there last year. I am keen to go again and plan to go in possibly Dec/Jan this year – not sure how I am going to survive with that weather though.

  3. Helsinkipop сказал:

    The guard guys had MP-4s. My Heckler & Koch stock investment is making money as we speak. Glad to see this detail! Gabriel the Traveler encouraged to check your channel. I'm not disappointed! Thanks for your work!

  4. Paula Nautu сказал:

    Yay you got you another penny board! Our suggestion for a name is…. Zip or Zippy? lol. Anyways, lol…. Didn't forsee that change of location coming! Quite the surprise! Excited to see the new adventures though!

  5. polkhol master сказал:

    Great! I was always curios to visit to Russia. May be I will in future. Can you please cover :
    1)How much it cost -lodging + food in Russia -Moscow as well as other parts
    2)Vegetarian options- have heard it is hard to get vegetarian food outside Moscow . I would like to know what options are there outside Moscow and how much it cost


  6. kirtpincott сказал:

    After going back and watching nearly all your videos this past week or so. I have noticed how much the quality in production (clips, editing etc) just get better and better but crucially still keeping the content (vlogs) top notch.
    Love the videos, hope you enjoy Europe

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