INDIA/PAKISTAN | World's Most Unusual Border ????

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India and Pakistan are political enemies but they also have the world’s most unusual border ceremony steeped in sportsmanship and competition. ▻Filmed Dec.

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  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    Thank you all who have reached out and expressed your concern about traveling! I'm taking this very seriously and currently in my apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine and inside for the most part. I filmed this back in December. I hope you are all holding up well wherever you're at. This is an interesting point in time and we'll all make it through, we're all in this together. Stay strong and know that it won't always be like this ?

  2. Azar Kamal сказал:

    That's all nice & good but the word "indian" has been over killed.

    It derives from the word Indus…the mighty river which flows through Pakistan & is its major lifeline.

    The entire civilization & culture of Pakistani people has been defined by this sacred river.

    But now half the world uses this word for identification other than the actual tribes / people who have for thousands of years lived along the Indus river.

    The indigo dye was also massively produced here and exported to the Romans & middle East, africa etc.

    Indigo is also derived from the word Indus. Both these words are latin adaptation of the local word for the river which is "Sindh"…a province of that name still exists in Pakistan.

    The Indus valley is home to harappan culture, gandhara, mohenjo daro etc.

    The original word "Sindh" was adapted by the persians & arabs who called it "Hind" since old persian could not pronounce tge letter 'S'.

    All this info is part of historical record but it is not commonly known and people unfortunately don't read up on these things. Thats why the word indian is misunderstood.

    Even the country named india has nothing to do with the indus river or its civilization…

    So the "indian union" is actually NOT INDIAN. It has a split personality issue and uses the geographical / historical name of its neighbour Pakistan to cement its own crumbling & lost identity of mythical BHARAT !

    India needs to find a decent name for the country which is not stolen!!

    Gangaland? ARYAVARTA? since north indians are so sure of their PURE aryan race! Tell that to the Pakistanis who settled in nortg & central indian region who are still not accepted as locals. Don't forget though that the settlers did a lot of intermingling with the local Aryans over the centuries …so not many pure breed aryans left to form AryanLand! That's why hitler was so frustrated!! But anyway PM Modi and his memtors the RSS and Sangh Parivar are still working on the #FinalSolution of racial / ethnic cleansing against minorities & immigrants?!

  3. shreenivas kashelkar сказал:

    I want to put inlettersmy objection to your statement Mr Peter that when the british gave independence to india it "emerged" in two separate natiins .Whereas the truth and fact of the matter is that the Brits chopped india into two parts. they added fuel to jinnahs demand of a separate nation for moslems on his two nation theory and hurriedly, in a hush hush manner cut the subcontinent into two pieces or rather 3 pieces. Also partly because they were scared that maybe after some years the united individed india would become a huge power in asia and could attack britain to get their vengeance. RIGHTLY SO. Brits sucked our blood for over 150 years. tortured and killed thousands of men and women. Looted and plundered Indias wealth worth zillions of pounds. Gold diamonds silver ancient antiques articrafts which are still a huge chunk of their museums!! Look at this!! These bastards take pride in exhibiting it to the whole world the wealth they looted like burglars and dacoits, from India!! And Mr Peter I dont know your nationality but let me tell you if brits had not divided india it WOULD DEFINITELY have settled the score with them. They still have to answer for the unpardonable injustice they have done us for over 150 long years!! Would THEY have kept quiet if someone invaded them and kept them under the toes for ven six months??? SO DONT YOU EVER DARE UTTERING SUCH CRAP HERE LIKE IT EMERGED INTO 2 NATIONS as if two sprigs growing out naturally from one root!!
    JAI HIND.??????

  4. Sz Syd сказал:

    From an american's i.e a third person's perspective, i dont think he had reason to lie and gave an honest take on the matter.
    It could be that the Pak ranger may be the better physical specimen and more aggressive with greater jazba, but not by that much – you should remember it is more or less the same genetics that make up both Ind and Pak at least as far as north indians are concerned.
    more over, when it comes to war, the one with better strategy wins in the long run. India has a combination of both brawn and brain in that regard.
    Of course the size of the country is also a huge factor because that equates to a larger army and more resources to channelize , but i respect pakistan and i dont want to be unfair by factoring in size.

    I have ancestry on both the sides, and i feel there are quite a few people especially the sikhs, who feel as much at home on a personal basis in pak as they would in india. It is very difficult for someone to understand this, and given the politics of both the countries, i have a feeling they want the other to feel different and channelize public opinion towards tense relations between the two.
    I see a lot of really stupid comments that insult and antagonize the other country – i find them both ludicrous, uneducated and reflecting upon the person's upbringing.
    I would love to visit Pak someday for sure and trace my roots there.
    Perhaps my identity would be in question – iam a muslim (born so) from north india, with generations having served in the armed forces and two uncles from the indian army and air force respectively. So if you intend on – keep the patriotism/religiosity to yourselves.

    Needless to say this is an epic video! I hope you come back again and make a more detailed travel documentary!:))

  5. S K сказал:

    Ha ha ha? nice to see you enjoying this ceremony Peter. Just discovered your vlogs 2 days back and have become a fan of your sincerity, open-minded and friendliness and general love for humanity as can be seen from your vlogs. You're a gem. I've seen all 10 of your Pakistan vlogs in 2 days. Best wishes from Pakistan ??

  6. rana ahmad сказал:

    Pakistan is having a gate which is opening by railing from the very first day of this border, and on other hand endia didn't, now few months back they have copied Pakistani structure and made the same gate with railing under gate, haha watch other videos before 2019 they are opening and closing gate they didn't had railing before , and their media always says that Pakistan copies us haha .. nice logic

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