I'm Taking a Break from YouTube.

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28 мыслей о “I'm Taking a Break from YouTube.

  1. tooslowformy50 сказал:

    Lord knows i don't care at all either way but i've often been curious if you're gay or straight..on one hand i see you with that girl (Sarah i think) and think you're straight but then on the other hand you're a Vegan so then i think hmmmmm hahahahaha but today i got my answer when i saw you in those shorts lololololololol

  2. Ed Kerby сказал:

    Just want to let you know that I'm watching this vlog today February 16.2020. I'm catching up to watched all your videos. Got hooked by your Venezuela vlog series. I hope you are fine and in safe place. Cheers

  3. Doesntmatter64 сказал:

    Your channel is very good you improved a lot. Once I have let you a bad comment when you where in Kazakhstan it was not very interesting but now I like your videos a lot, keep going and enjoy your life because all your trips will end some day… Take care !

  4. Maz сказал:

    Well, it's obvious now, after you posted amazing and quality videos, that you were talking about Iran. I'm a proud Iranian-Australian and will support your channel. Kepp up the great work mate.

  5. Mia DoubleZeroSeven сказал:

    Good. Seems like you purposely go to the worst places you can find. You zoom in on the rust on vehicles. WTF? If someone came to the US through some trailer park enclaves…I am sure tourism would never look the same again ? must be for the Walmart of tourism set.

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