I'm Funding North Korea's Regime.

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  1. Luke Mustafa сказал:

    Good afternoon sir,
    I have recently discovered your videos and have just completed your trip to North Korea……. Absolutely fantastic.
    So good to watch, its actually helped me through lockdown!, as I'm sure your other videos will starting with your trip to Venezuela, followed by Azerbaijan.
    Keep up the good work ??…. PS yes I have subscribed ?

  2. Janeen Lyall сказал:

    I’m disappointed in your comparison of the US to North Korea. I’d urge you to watch interviews with people like Yeonmi Park. She lived in part of North Korea that was hidden from you. Your perspective seems naive. Do you really think they weren’t treating you better for any other reason than good press?!

  3. yann petton сказал:

    Hi Nick.I just watched all your North Korea videos and wanted to thank you for such an interesting visit.My girlfriend doesn't thank you for the time I pass,and plan on passing, in front of your channel.Take care and safe travels. All the best from Paris…

  4. Julian Steele сказал:

    You’re full of shit dude. You merely visited the place. And relating America bombing a place to the state of civil rights in NK?! Like how tf can you think the two are related? Watch countless videos of NK defectors. The place is a fking travesty for the people who live there. Cut the BS. Stop thinking your week of visit gives you ANY real insight. It doesn’t.

  5. cruz stone сказал:

    I am here just watching your videos you should go watch a video of inside North Korea from a vloger called “The People titled North Korea/The lies and Truth of Kim Jong Un / How people live (2019)”

  6. Maria Culbert сказал:

    I think your views are balanced and fair. Only when you see, feel and experience something you can observe and even then you seem aware of your bias. ..you do a brilliant job. Brilliant. Well done. Keep going as long as it suits you. Just wonderful.

  7. Gosh Gosh сказал:

    North Korea is an incredibly beautiful country. It's so clean and people are beautiful. I watched this series and just fell in love with it. Now I really want to visit it and see DPRK with my own eyes. So amazing!

  8. Brett B. сказал:

    ok dpnk hate americans or westerners , they don't see you as a new Zealander they see you as American or uk. And they hate you, You saw the NK they wanted you to see. Behind the scenes they beat, starve, torture, restrict and limit everything the people do. You saw the "perfect NK" purely optics.

  9. Cameron Watkins-Kerr сказал:

    but when you visit other countries you're supporting the locals and only a little bit of the money goes to the government you don't agree with. By going to North Korea all the money you spend goes straight to the government. also, the fact that the only people that talked to you were in a supermarket that the tour takes you too, means they were definitely paid to be there since everyone else in your videos in the country completely ignores you

  10. Aquila Rossa сказал:

    I am a Kiwi and traveled a lot, but messed up my spine and can't now. Even a drive out to my favourite place in NZ is a mission (Piha beach). Appreciated this series and the vicarious tourism. I would like to go there if somehow they get me more mobile again.
    I am not sure sanctions and blockade is the way to go on North Korea and Iran etc. I think as long as they are not threatening war the best way is to allow them to participate in the world and its commerce etc. The cultural exchange will transform them over time just like has happened with China where it is now very different to how it was 30 years ago. I don't think North Korea is suicidal and going to attack the USA. I think they make these blustering statements kind of like a cornered creature making noise to make you back off — plus to make the Americans think twice about doing an Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya on them. I think that is why they got their nukes. The Americans spend around a trillion per year on military stuff and maintaining their empire of 800 bases around the world etc. They need to hype threats to justify all that spending that is a gravy train for the defence contractors. It also secures investments of US corporations. They colonize the world with capital so the proceeds all make their way out of those countries back to those corporations, instead of being reinvested where the profits were made. Kind of like how Aussie banks take so much money out of NZ, but on a massive scale.

    p.s. Western countries have this way of demanding others do stuff the way we do. They sanction countries hoping it will cause massed uprising and overthrow the governments. Has not worked in Iran, Cuba, or North Korea. All it does is deprive hundreds of millions of regular people. They have it tough enough living with consequences of that isolation without westerners making it even worse for them by stacking on even more sanction. It's inhumane I think. I read about how Cuba tried to import an MRI machine a few years ago and the payment was intercepted and pocketed by the US government. That's just wrong. Ordinary people need that machine whatever one might think of their government and system. Leave them be I think and let them sort their own futures out. Western countries have been meddling all over the world for too long and it does not go well.

  11. PAXperMortem сказал:

    Frankly, it kinda feels as though you are whitewashing/ trivializing a lot of things such as the rampant censorship, absolute lack of free speech and movement, extreme militarism, and so on.

    You blame your fear of traveling there on "the media and the stories you hear" rather than a regime that effectively won't hesitate to publicly execute you for trying to flee to China in hopes of not starving to death. Government-senctioned gulags where women are being raped and then made subject to forced abortion isn't "people going through hard times"!

    You're also equating a horrendous dictatorship whose brutal crimes against its own people include pretty much every atrocity imaginable with "countries I don't agree with" (eg Australia and the US), which seems ridiculous! Also, as many have already pointed out, there's a huge difference between spending money in a country and directly giving it to the government. I get the idea of wanting to seem impartial, but there are times at which indifference translates into complicity.

    Not gonna lie, I really enjoyed your content up until now but this apologetic nonsense is really inappropriate!

  12. Movies and Smoothies сказал:

    I'm sure hes not delusional , he's just saying that based off what he saw-this is his opinion. He cant very well comment on things he did not experience now can he? I'm sure if he where to some how break away from the tour, and see the country- as it is for everyday people, he might have a different outlook, but that's just not the case. Not to mention that would be ridiculously stupid and risky. If he where to do that, he could of ended up just like Otto ;may he RIP. It sounds like an interesting experience, even if that's not the real north Korea.

  13. Constantine Palaiologos сказал:


    The logic of this answer makes no sense.

    When I go to most countries, I'm not paying the government directly for my visit. A certain amount gets taxed, yes, but the vast majority goes to the people running the attractions, hotels, restaurants, etc. It goes to the people on the ground who you're interacting with. I may not like the government there, but that doesn't matter, because I'm paying the government pennies on every dollar that goes to real, hospitable, friendly and normal person just running a business.

    When you go to North Korea, it's the opposite. The vast majority of that money is being put directly into the government's pockets. The only money that's not is what you tip (presumably). Everything there goes through them. That's a pretty significant difference. All those tour guides, hotel staff, chefs, maintenance workers… they're "included" in the trip: https://www.north-korea-travel.com/how-much-does-a-trip-to-north-korea-cost.html

    As for the "very dark things" going on in America, I'd like to hear that clarified. Any purported moral equivalency between the USA and North Korea is disgusting. The USA has it's problems, but we're open about them. In fact, we're far too sensationalist about them, which has resulted in what seems like the vast majority of the world thinking we're run by fascists, are constantly going around shooting each other, are incredibly racist, and just generally want to blow up the whole world. None of that is true. We also don't have political death camps, we don't have starvation, we don't have forced political labor camps, and we don't have 95% of the country living in poverty. That puts us in another moral galaxy in comparison to North Korea, despite all of the valid things about the US you can find to criticize.

    I tried to look up and see if Indigo Traveller has ever done a video on traveling in the US, but no, it looks like he hasn't. Shame how he seems so open to the the good in rest of the world but also so quick to throw shade at the US. This isn't my only datapoint. I watched the Afghanistan video and saw him being incredibly surprised about the American flag there. He shouldn't. The US spent a ton of money and effort to help civilians there. People forget how much US money was spent on aid there. It's like Indigo Traveller thinks the US was just droning children and knocking down civilian doors constantly. It wasn't like that. Civilians died by US hands, yes, but that's what happens in war.

  14. KS сказал:

    I think with the current government they will never open the borders to let people travel freely. Because they want their citizens to live and think like robots-slaves that adore their presidents like their are gods. This is the reason that religion is prohibited, because they are gods now. So any interactions with foreign people is not something they would like for their people

  15. Beth M сказал:

    You know, you allowing people to insult Otto in this page and not stopping it is why I’m disgusted by you. He was a KID who may or MAY NOT have actually broken a law. When he DIED they confirmed he died from lack of oxygen to the brain. Wonder how that happened. Oh. Maybe the government was doing messed up crap. If y’all think in these countries you need TO ACTUALLY BREAK THE LAW they’re accusing you of breaking then y’all are dense and please go to North Korea and wherever else you think is safe because you follow rules. But do NOT sit here and insult someone who we don’t actually know if he broke said law and was likely tortured. Y’all are sick sick people.

  16. JALIL IBRAHIMLI сказал:

    Sorry, the first secular democracy in the Muslim world. Sorry, the first Muslim country that allowed women to vote(1918). Sorry, the first Turkic republic that was ruled by well-established democracy based on liberal values. Sorry, Azerbaijan Democratic Republic! Sorry, Mammad Amin Rasulzada and his companions. You designed a country that was a role model for the world. However, now its name is among the despotic countries. Sorry!

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