I was BEATEN UP by a GIRL IN KYRGYZSTAN ??(русские субтитры)

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I’ve been in two fights in my life. One on the hockey rink when I was a kid and one in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan with a girl who kicked my ass. MORE VIDEOS on …

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  1. Joseph C сказал:

    Did you know they are profiling people here in NZ for travelling around the world because of that insane Australian guy who attacked that mosque? It's as if they completely misread the story. Anyhow, maybe the media I heard that from got it wrong. So, yeah, whatever. I don't know why I am mentioning that.

  2. Justin-kurt Gürel сказал:

    turk millet dostlarimiza merhaba / greetings from turkey

    good to see you go back and talk about it respectfully and with no hate in your heart and see it as a individual case and not the whole country.
    im sure when they understood that you did not throw the bottle they all laughed and want to be your friend and even buy you soup.
    kyrgyz people are good fighters, most good fighters are happy smiling and relaxed and always look for friendship.

  3. Gv Gv сказал:

    Oh Peter not good story… dangerous,. you said it was 16years ago ..buuuut i remember in those days foreigners came to Kyrgyzstan only to work for example English teachers… You came as a tourist or to work

  4. Жамал Жумабаева сказал:

    Почему люди люки водопровада продали. Я не удивилсябы если ето примерное чимкирики чиновники былы бы. Пусть Аллах простить нас нам за наши грехи ооминАЛЛАХКА шугур. Говориться в Коране Аллах говорить я удивляюсь тому человеку который украдуть разбойничиють хотять большего харамным путём вид я даю всём рыск сколко столко захачу и не получять они больше

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