I LOVE KENYA ??One day in Nairobi!

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32 мысли о “I LOVE KENYA ??One day in Nairobi!

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    ? I am pretty guttered about losing some of the clips that I got at the coffee farm(SD Card problem) that showed and explained more detail of the process, however, this is the first time that this has happened to me (touch wood), so I guess after over 260 videos I can't be too upset about it! I learnt so much about the coffee process here which is great as I will know more about something that I drink every morning without fail. Please forgive the oversimplified version of the process that you see in this video, there is so much more to it! Thank you, Kenya for an unforgettable time! Any guesses on what country I am heading to next? ????

  2. Victor Ochieng' сказал:

    Hello sir! You're doing an awesome job. Keep it up!
    Is it possible to leave the links of the music you're using on here? The owners should at least benefit from more views/likes on their pages as well. I had to google the lyrics of the track you used at 6 mins. Turns out he's an artist I've never heard of. And incase anyone else is interested, here's the link to that awesome track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLuku1tK6ug

  3. moses nyota сказал:

    You've done such a beautiful job of showing the way of life of the Kenyan people and the day to day life of the common man. To the ignorant folks asking the Indigo Traveler to show the 'other side' you might as well as do it yourself, if I wanted to visit a country I would be more interested in its' culture and not infrastructure! The friendliness of the people of Kenya depicted in this videos is overwhelming and welcoming, I've enjoyed watching my country from your point of view… Thank you Sir!

  4. Carol Harrison сказал:

    I love your videos, I discovered you today, I felt I missed my home country Kenya and I was searching for something to watch about home and I came across your videos,you made my day and felt like I was home therefore,I will continue watching your videos all the time, I love you Kenya sweet home❤️ ?? ❤️. You have not toured Kenya yet, Kenya is big and you left out wildlife safaris which is massive and Maasai culture, water falls and tallest mountains, hopefully you will get to see all that someday.

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