11 мыслей о “I have changed into management material )

  1. William Kennedy сказал:

    Hi Kelly dead by fifty nonsense your on top of the world, I am not far of the 68 mark lol feels older but still living never let people drag you down its never worth it, car is still off the road but soon then off to achieve another change in my life, so even living in one place you can have adventures and I have had a good few over the past 19 years, your the one that make them no one else keep it up ?

  2. Vanquest сказал:

    We're both 50 in September, how weird is That! You are a gentle soul in a messed up world who's trying to have a decent life so you can sleep at night knowing you have some peace in your life. Not a lot to ask so I say go for it x

  3. Kim Ann Harper сказал:

    You waffle on as much as you like!! Like you, I had in my head my life would come to an end age 52, and here I am at 62! Started car camping last year, which I love! Just bought my own sat nav this year, so now can go anywhere I like, I know that's not much to some people, but to me it's Megger! Everyone in the family was negative about it, and I thought should I or shouldn't I, am I to old?? But no sod it! It's you're life do what you want, say what you want. X

  4. AvalonDreaming сказал:

    That is the one beautiful gift that age gives us. Confidence and wisdom. Also many of our fears and insecurities disappear. You are coming into your own and you are now your "best" self. This is the time to act and get the life you want.

  5. Mary Williams сказал:

    It's turned chilly and dull down here in the south too! Hope your summer comes back soon. It's quite interesting to hear about your growing self confidence. I'm often surprised by how confident some young people are and others of us take a long time to find some self assurance. I have no idea what makes us different.

  6. Maggie Alexander сказал:

    Your just standing up for yourself. Sometimes people respect you more for it maybe its the change of life ? I know what that was like. Take care you have come a long way. You will get everything you want in time. I wish you well. Big hugs. ????????????????

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