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30 мыслей о “I HAD TO LEAVE UKRAINE.

  1. IAF3417 сказал:

    Indigo Traveller,

    Your Ukraine videos rock!!

    Travel to Israel to this summer. Israel is a lights out summer destination to travel to. Also, a suggestion you can from traveler to adventurer in Eilat cause scuba diving out in the Red sea it is fresh, rad, and surreal in many ways.

  2. Bob L сказал:

    I really enjoy following your world travels. Your videos are great. Do you ever prepare a script beforehand or do you just talk about whatever is on your mind at the moment? You do a great job. I'm sure your experience as a tour guide in New Zealand was good training. Hope to become a patreon in the near future.

  3. C сказал:

    I have been guessing every time to go to the Middle East and Central Asia and I have been wrong. I'll guess the countries and still be wrong. I'm thinking the likes of Turkmentistan etc Did yo also mean mid this year and not next?

  4. Loz's Leisure сказал:

    Always good to hear from you bro, super stoked to see where the channel is going in 2018. The only way is up from here my man! To be honest, wherever you go I'll be more than happy to watch the vids and see your continual improvement! PS another Q&A would be great!

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