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I made it to a new destination. Thank you for watching #VLOG 104! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video. Cheers, Nick My social …

46 мыслей о “I HAD TO LEAVE TURKEY ?? (Raw Video)

  1. hayesman76 сказал:

    As someone else alluded to, the title of this video has nothing to do with the contents of the actual video. Kind of a click-baity title, IMO. With an all-caps title "I HAD TO LEAVE TURKEY" viewers expected the video to be about why you "HAD TO LEAVE TURKEY". Disappointing upload.

  2. h Mishin сказал:

    Your titles are at times misleading. ( I had to leave Turkey ) leads one to thinking that something negative had forced you that led to leave!! Besides this episode has almost nothing to do with Turkey. I love your blogs otherwise.

  3. aysem ercan сказал:

    Hello, I am from Turkey and I like these kinds of videos that introduce Turkey. I want to meet people from other countries. The topic of our conversion can be Turkey. I am open to anybody that wants to talk. I created a hangout group. If you want to talk you can send your mail names by commenting. See you.

  4. doka doka сказал:

    In Turkey they always ask you if you are a Muslim , if you say no they will become extremely rude and pretend that they don't speak English and they only speak Turkish.
    Will never visit this Racist country again.
    Fuck Turks and Fuck Turkey and your regressive religion .

  5. Andrew Flyer сказал:

    Istanbul is quite unique, the only city in the world with 2 airports in different continents. Like the Balkan countries you have visited, Georgia has a very recent history of conflict. For this reason, they are proud of their independence and identity. Pretty sure Putin Toilet Paper will appear here too ….. so envious of your travels, enjoy it Nick.

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