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Egypt is one of my favourite countries I have travelled to so far! You need to visit Egypt at least once in your life a witness the beauty of the culture and the people …

27 мыслей о “I HAD TO LEAVE EGYPT مصر المغرب

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Thanks for watching guys and thank you to all the support I have received from all you beautiful Egyptian souls that have been following along with my adventures and commenting good vibes on every video, I really do love Egypt and I will return! شكرا
    >If you want to see all my Egyptian adventure videos then here is the playlist:
    Thanks everyone 🙂

  2. lallybells 893 сказал:

    When we have terrorist attacks in the UK we are told to carry on living life by not doing so is letting the terrorists win. It's sad that Egypt is not only being hurt by terrorists but by the media as well. I've dreamt of visiting Egypt since I was a little girl. My partner and I plan to visit in 3 years on our 20th anniversary with our son. I can't wait. The Egyptian people seem lovely ?

  3. Keller Lambert сказал:

    Nick – just finished your first go-round of videos in Egypt after watching you second trip first. These videos were incredible and really struck a chord internally to make me want to visit Egypt. I know I've said it before in other videos randomly, but you've really done such a stellar job on your channel. Keep on traveling and showing us the world, as you experience it. Sending appreciation from the US!

  4. Ahmed Kamal сказал:

    Hey man I may be traveling to Egypt next year if not the year after, if you would like to come and join me you are more than welcome. I’m originally Egyptian but I live in Australia. What you have done for Egypt can never be repaid 🙂

  5. ptthunder сказал:

    This poor guy is a good example of why so many vloggers remain amateur and never get hired professionally to do Travel shows. 70% of each of his vids….is his face talking to the camera. ….a "Travel" vlog. ; )

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