HOW TO TRAVEL ETHIOPIA ??(Prices and Safety)

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33 мысли о “HOW TO TRAVEL ETHIOPIA ??(Prices and Safety)

  1. waelben2000 сказал:

    The prices you mention sound crazy. I live in Canada, can get a motel for $45, eat for $10, and commute for double the price of your tuktuk on uber. I feel like they were just treating you as a foreigner. I lived in Malaysia and even Malaysia was cheaper than this. You're right actually at comparing southeast Asia. . It's nicer and cheaper.

  2. Abenezer Hizekeal сказал:

    Safety not issue as far as Ethiopia concerned people even give you their room for sake of welcoming you if there is no Govt the people take care of you don't worry about yr safety and don't make safety as title whenever you get into Ethiopia

  3. Michael Robinson сказал:

    I will be traveling to Ethiopia for a medical mission trip (I am a ER Nurse). Do you have any insights on the health system there? What would be the best way to stay in contact with family back in the US? Do you need to worry much about getting sick from food or water there?

  4. Phil Hjemboe сказал:

    Just watched all your Ethiopian videos – great fun to see the sights and sounds again of this country where I lived for 2 years back in the late 1960s. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like much has changed since then, at least for the common people. Everything looks so familiar, so much the same as I remember it. But I loved it – the people are great and the food and coffee is so good. Thanks for the walks down memory lane!

  5. Movie Cutz сказал:

    i think u missed the amazing parts of ethiopia cus u didnt have a guide would hv helped u a lot !!! with fair price but the telecom shit 100% right i give u that i cant even play online chess up in this bitch!

  6. Yodith Gideon / Supi сказал:

    Hello thank you for your honest comment. It is a pity and most of business owners and government officials does not realise all that. And they think we have the best of everything. I would like to ask you if I can use portion of your video to take it as tourist testimony in order to improve our services in Ethiopia?

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