HOW EXPENSIVE is NEPAL? Budget Travel, Kathmandu

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In today’s video I show you the prices of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Enjoy! Thank you for watching #VLOG 130. Leave me a comment with your …

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  1. Amahl1971 сказал:

    Ok. I've watched the rest of your video and, sorry dude, you really are a privileged 1st world prat. In 2002, my best friend and I spent 35 days in Nepal. The most expensive part of that was airfare. We were 25 days on trek and 10 day son K'du. The second day we were there we decided to be adventurous, and take a taxi from the Kathmandu Guest House (granted, cheaper then than now) to Swayambunath. Then the exchange was 70 Rs to $1US. We boldly went out to the line of taxis and said, how much to S'nath? 200 Rs, came the reply. No, 100Rs was ours. Ok, Get in, said the cabby. That is easily a 25 minute ride. But the cabbie was willing to do it for roughly $1.25 US. What level of exploitation are you expecting, Mr. Aussie???

  2. Akalynn сказал:

    You literally just showed all international products in the supermarket which are about the same price anywhere you go then you say "So I hope that gives you a rough idea of prices in the supermarket…". No, it doesn't! I bet pretty much none of the local people buy those expensive foreign products…

  3. Sanjeev Yadav сказал:

    First foreigner who got it exactly right about our GDP…even though we're one of poorest according to GDP…but majority are in farming&in foreigne…so life is not that.
    Many poor African countries have higher GDP but their lifestyle is nowhere near average Nepali people.
    Corruption is another reason of low GDP.

  4. beautiful nepal сказал:

    Nepal isnt developed because of uneducated government. They dont want youths to stay here. No employment opportunities at all. Government wants remittance. The political parties even dont know how to read. Some has passed 2 some 8.

  5. lavapix сказал:

    That electrical infrastructure looks like my PC cable management. $6.30 for the expensive meal really isn't that bad when coming from Kailua Kona, Hawaii. That wouldn't get you an appetizer here and most people here aren't wealthy.

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