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How expensive is Macedonia? Well, sit back and watch this video and your questions will be answered Thank you for watching #VLOG 96! As always leave …


  1. Ana Ristova сказал:

    Здраво.Јас сум од Македонија.Ова ми е прво видео што го гледам на овој канал.Ми се допаѓа видеото.Многу ми е мило кога некој Американец или било кој друг ја посетува Македонија.Јас сум од Кавадарци.Би било добро да ги посетиш и Кавадарци, Неготино, Гевгелија, Битола и многу други градови.❤


    Hello.I'm from Macedonia.This is my first video that I'm watching on this chanel.I like the video.It's so nice when an American or somebody else visits Macedonia.I'm from Kavadartsi.It'll be good to visit Kavadartsi, Negotino, Gevgelija, Bitola and many others.❤

  2. TurcoScopianoglou Bastardovski сказал:

    6:00 wake up before you go go indigo.
    BTW George Michael is Greek.
    You are not allowed to use it 😉

    You are not in Macedonia.
    We are yugoslav North (of) Macedonia.

    Macedonia is the area of Northern Greece used to be the ancient Greek kingdom.

    We are FYRBulgarians (wannabe northmacedonians)

    Alexander, Aristotle and Macedonians are Greeks.

    Educate yourself dude before you post.

  3. hayesman76 сказал:

    I usually don’t care for the music that accompanies this channel’s video’s but I must say the music in this one was pretty good. As an older person I was very interested to see that the beats at 46:00 included a sampling (if not outright theft) of the great 1960s song “The Days of Wine and Roses” by the great Andy Williams!

  4. Nela сказал:

    A big hello from Macedonia and lots of love, it honestly depends on where you buy stuff some places can be a bit expensive but a lot of money isn't spent, btw thank you for coming 🙂

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