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Vlog #11. After a week in Hanoi extending my VISA and breaking my camera i start the next leg of my trip to Ha Long Bay but the weather had something to say …


  1. Karin B сказал:

    1:51 Just a quick note: the Vietnam War with US involvement started in 1965, so it was the 50th anniversary of the beginning of US involvement in 2015. The war with the US ended in 1975. I saw it on TV, the last of the people being airlifted off the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. The civil war started there in 1955, though, so maybe it was a show from 2015 marking those anniversaries. Sorry to be a smartypants. ? But others who don't remember the war firsthand may want the info. Okay, I'm back to watching. Your videos are addictive & I'm having a great time with vicarious travel! ?

  2. Benjamin Roulston сказал:

    Im absolutely loving the vlog fishbole, ive been pretty bad not watching them when they come out but have just caught up and wow! You seem to be having the most incredible time! Im so happy for you dude 😀 Keep up the awesome work and we need to skype soon! 😀

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