Goodbye YouTube – I'm Disconnecting.

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I am disconnecting for a while… -My Instagram: -My Facebook Page: …

49 мыслей о “Goodbye YouTube – I'm Disconnecting.

  1. Shane Phillips сказал:

    I am compelled to say, thank you. Your videos are very fascinating, and peak my curiosity. Your presentation is always genuine and without bias, I think that's what makes it a delight. Hope to see you soon, take care and keep up the good work.

  2. Gisele Hetu сказал:

    That clickbait issue has made me trust you far less and I hesitate to send money to the Go Fund Me link for the Venezuelan children because of you doing that to us. That was not cool, nor honest. If you were only leaving for a few weeks, you should not have posted it, but you should have said something like" Taking a few weeks away from Youtube". THAT would have been honest.

  3. Roxannah сказал:

    your videos are great and i really appreciate the work you put on the editing, which is marvellous, and everything you do. though i understand this is a marketing strategy to get more views, the attention grabbing titles you give to your videos are so very annoying. it's a real a shame.

  4. Flatbed hauling with scott N сказал:

    Dude I’ve watched some of your videos, and let me tell you your going to get people killed!!. Your telling half truths and in some cases flat out lies. I can tell you just don’t know but that makes it worse in my eyes. It’s simple if you don’t know something just say that instead of just making it up has you go. For god sake man this is peoples lives your dealing with. Unbelievable

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