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  1. Denise G- Hill сказал:

    My Father was in the Royal Navy and was in South Africa during the 2nd WW. He said it was a beautiful country but he hated the apartheid and voiced his opinions quite bluntly. Mind you it didn't go down well with his superiors, but he didn't care. He was also in India during that war and did the same in India, said India belonged to the Indians.

  2. dangerale сказал:

    Your shots are good, your MV sequences are good too. Use editing to your advantage when you're trying convey another chapter in your travels. For example- the sequence just before the shot of you in Rwanda in the hotel might be better if there was some sort of quick reverse and dip to black at the end of the montage, followed by a title "Rwanda." It saves having to explain to your audience what happened. Just a bit of constructive criticism. All your stuff is great and can't wait for more vids!

  3. Essie.2.0 сказал:

    Cape Town ❤️ Home sweet home Been homesick recently, pitty it was short but made me smile especially seeing the penguin Felt like I was home again My boy is pointing at a group of penguins on my profile pic

  4. surge knight сказал:

    Such a lovely country for outsiders but in suid-afrika the British stuffed up the boers and the bantu. It's always been the illuminati plan called the new world order. During the anglo-boer war the brits imprisoned boers and bantu in concentration camps and exiled many to St Helena, ceylon and chagos. After the Anglo-boer war in anticipation of world war 1 & 2 according to the blue print of the illuminati headed by the queen of England introduced thousands of liberal middle class ashkenazi Jews into suid-afrika who were sponsored to become captains of industry in suid-afrika and these ashkenazi Jews had to commercialise the massive bantu population hence a boom in bantu population from the 60s onwards, in order for cooperate suid-afrika to grow bigger and for the ashkenazi Jews to enrich themselves too, and hence ending apartheid. It was always the script of the illuminati, De klerk and Mandela had nothing to do with it, they are just actors on the stage. Apartheid was totally wrong and it was the illuminati albeit using the British as a proxy created apartheid and it was them again who ended it. Good riddance

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