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Vlog #37. It was nice being in a place in India where you you didn’t hear car horns every 1 second but it was time to move on after 3 days in goa. Thanks for …

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  1. Ay Kay сказал:

    I am a big fan of your blog but the "Typical Indian Behavior" comment was unsavory, uncalled for and borderline racist. You can't paint the whole race with the same brush and you can't say that such a behavior is peculiar to Indians only.

  2. Trev Channel сказал:

    Goa used to have the most beautiful beaches in Asia, and 20years ago, National Geographic had Goa as No. 3 best beaches in all of Asia. But they also said it was deteriorating fast, with over population, concreting of green space and garbage. They were right. It is totally destroyed now. It is now a playground for poor Indians. They come to stare at the White women, get drunk and puke all over, litter, and urinate and defecate everywhere. Beware when walking down alleyways to the beach, be careful where you step. lol. The traffic is a nightmare with poor roads. If you are White, the police will stop you, to make a buck from you. Horrible.

  3. bull frogger сказал:

    Sorry man , great production work and of course you are the Traveller . But that's all I see you do . Not much interacting with the locals or any sign you are having fun . I see leaving and arriving , leaving and arriving . Tough places just to get to so get your monies worth somehow if you can get some money . . Oh , I saw the cute babe in the black suit on the beach . You could have shown us the run you made at her . Result didn't matter . It's the hunt . Show us how you live once you are there . I didn't see a scrap of food since you bought some stuff leaving Thailand . All planes , buses , and taxis look the same from the inside . Been there , done that . I like your style and want to watch more but there are tons of quality , entertaining travel videos to choose from . I mean look at you .Walking around for days in some of the toughest places on earth and not scratch on you . Mix it up a bit . LOL . Thanks . Good luck .

  4. WormholeJim сказал:

    Get a banyan stick to carry around like they got in most bars exactly for chasing away straydogs bothering the guests. It's good for all sorts of stuff, really. But stray dogs appearantly have been taught lessons by these sticks that they are not going to forget in their natural lives, they hold their distance if they see you got one; even moving your hand and lower arm like you were brandishing a stick can make them shy back enough for you to get out. The stick is pretty good all by itself. Doing laundry, avoiding having to touch stuff with your hands, just leaning on it.

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