GETTING HIGH IN ALBANIA ?? (Guns, Knives & Cigarettes)

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I got really high in Albania, it was enlightening. Thank you for watching #VLOG 100! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video. Cheers …

49 мыслей о “GETTING HIGH IN ALBANIA ?? (Guns, Knives & Cigarettes)

  1. Mentor Tairi сказал:

    Im from Macedonia(im albanian muslim) and both albania and macedonia are very poor countries. ive seen in some of the villages these people dont have change to buy a loaf of bread to eat. also they are the friendliest people youre ever going to meet. They love meeting people from the states. they treat you like theyve known you all your life and its not because they want anything from you. im going back in in 3 1/2 weeks, im excited as I was like there 7yrs ago. Food, drinks, hotels are SUPER cheap. you can legit buy a large mushroom pizza for a few USD. I love the Balkans

  2. Ajald Celmeta сказал:

    I honestly think that you should somewhat read something about a country before you actually jump into any conclusions. Albanians are not a mixture of anything but are people that have been living in that land for over 2000-3000 years. Another thing is that I believe you need to kinda make a plan on what to visit and not just walk without a direction. You missed the best parts of Tirana. And regarding the guns 😛 , those are not actual guns man, those are just games that you put a cigarette in a distance and try and shoot at it but not using bullets, so don’t be afraid they won’t kill you cause they are not real.

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