From Drugs and Violence to Recovery (#3) ??

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Episode 3 of 5: BENEATH KYIV. Max, who’s spent much of his adult life addicted to destructive habits, hit rock bottom, went to rehab and is turning his life around …

25 мыслей о “From Drugs and Violence to Recovery (#3) ??

  1. Susan and Monte W сказал:

    Peter Peter Peter ! So powerful !!!! This series is very deep and real and should be on PBS . Being an ex addict myself ( clean for 31 years ) this hit home for me . It seems to me that what this man went though would have been so hard to break free from . Very strong man . I pray he can stay clean because it's a great life to live free from our addictions ! All the best, Monte

  2. Nikolay Sokalskiy сказал:

    Peter, I have somehow missed your new series completely, although I am a subscriber! I've now pressed the bell icon, to get notified, cause YouTube works very strangely nowadays. I've connected to this episode a lot. I myself struggle with my demons, addictions and it was surprising to see you address such a sensitive issue in a very non-judgemental and delicate way.

    Макс, сил и здоровья тебе, бро! Спасибо большое за рассказ, уверен, ты помог не одному человеку.

    PS:Peter, I feel you deserve to have a larger audience, as your view is true and unique. I think one way to draw people is to change the naming strategy. It's very cool to be surprised every episode, I get it. But dig this, an actual person suffering from addiction and searching for addiction videos probably won't find your video, cause it's not marked as such.

  3. Leon сказал:

    Так себе влог!но чуваку зачет что бросил наркоту!!!Дай бог тебе силы духа побольше и терпения!!!Питер а тебе большое спасибо!

  4. feya fialka сказал:

    Больно и страшно за наших детей… у меня сын подросток, очень боюсь, чтобы его не обманули, не втянули в неприятности… Максу желаю лучшей жизни

  5. Antony Snow сказал:

    Я тоже торчал до того момента как попал в США,было такое дело,а щас семья,бизнес и двое детей,а в Украине сколько друзей умерло,ого_го.

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