Foreigner's Thoughts About IRAN ??

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Iran is the biggest underdog country on the planet! What we are told and what it is like on the ground are two different realities (I’m talking about people, not …

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  1. N.Q сказал:

    General Wesley Clark exposed why the US has an agenda to do to Iran, what they did to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the list goes on. It is for oil and the Greater Israel agenda, Iran refuses to bow down to Zionism like the Saudi kings have, so they try everything to demonize Iran. I lived in Iran as a child for 4 years, it was such an amazing country with lots of friendly people, but the mainstream media here in the West have an agenda, and they can make you believe that black is white and vice versa, in Trump's words "fake news".

  2. NoRemorse сказал:

    A few years back, Rick Steves did a travel video where he visited Iran and came away with much the same impression of its people as you. I need to read up on the recent history of Iran because I don't know that much about it. I know life was completely different under the Shah and the country was very westernized, but I've also read that the Shah had secret police that crushed any dissent to his rule. I'm sure that was very distressing to the men who wanted to turn Iran into an Islamic theocracy, but what I don't know is what the common people thought of life under the Shah.

  3. Eli Nosra сказал:

    The opposition movements against Shah’s domestic and foreign policies started few years before 1979 revolution. Then finally Shah decided in 1976 to open up the parliament for freedom of political speech. Was the country progressing during Shah’s time? Of course it was! But people didn’t have a say in progress of the country. The only group that was active during Shah’s time was the Islamic religious institutions in order to prevent influence of communism or Soviets due to Cold War tensions in the world then. But they still couldn’t say anything against Shah’s policies. Therefore they were the only group that had way more freedom to work underground in mosques against the shah. For example they showed their dislikes against Shah’s White Revolution one law being women having voting rights. Students who got Shah’s scholarship to study abroad joined religious groups only to oppose Shah. Plus the 25 years oil concession with major oil companies was about to end in 1979 and Shah was telling various western medias that: Iran has the know how and the Human Resources to decide how Iran wants to sell its oil to the world. There are tons of his interviews in English French and German about Shah change of foreign policies and full control over Iran’s oil by then Iranian government. He was basically telling them that OPEC will decide the price of oil and we won’t be signing any concession with oil companies anymore. He started chanting Mossadegh’s slogans 25 years earlier. But since he took power by US coup in 1953 and brought into power by the west. The west decided to support the opposition factions and paint the Shah as a brutal dictator in order to get rid of him. Khomeini was into the picture only few months before 1979 revolution and NOT few years before 1979 revolution when other groups were actively working abroad and underground against Shah’s government. Nobody knew much about Khomeini until then. All other opposition groups such as nationalists, communists, mojaheedins, etc. all of them joined under umbrella of Khomeini to get rid of Shah. Khomeini made a lot of promises to the opposition groups and the western medias while he was in France that upon his return to Iran he went opposite of his promises by getting rid of the other opposition groups and taking Americans hostage. The issue is that Khomeini lied (he said “khodee kardam”) to the people and the world and easily got hold of power all to himself. Otherwise he wasn’t a known figure few years before 1979 revolution when different opposition groups were active against the shah since early 70s.

  4. Parham Samadi сказал:

    سیاست رو ول کن. من به شخصه ، عاشق امریکاییا و یهودیام وهیچ مشکلی با هیچ مملکتی ندارم (به جز اعراب خارج ایران).
    نژاد آریایی ورودتون به کشورمون رو به فال نیک میگیره و امیدوارم شرایطی شه که راحت بتونیم بیایم کشورتون. یکی از ارزوهای من عضویت توی US NAVY هستش . 🙁

  5. Ali Mirzaie сказал:

    I have been living in Canada since 8 years, but I was born and raised in Iran.

    I must say your 3 Episode vlog/story about Iran, is one of the few organic & real stories out there.

    Love from Canada ?? and Iran ??

    I hope one day we all learn how to live together in peace with having mutual respects for our differences

  6. qazvin44 сказал:

    It sounds a bit naive when you are recommended not to travel Iran you connect it to the probability of violence in the street or people in Iran. The recommendation not travel here is about something else!

  7. Miska Dean сказал:

    It's an interesting perspective, but slightly flawed. It's not the people that make travel for Americans to Iran dangerous. It's the extremely religious cleric type of Govt that could make your life hell if they had wanted to. Just ONE occasion when you could have been at the wrong place at the wrong time (for example, some political or demonstration rally) where the Iranian Comite are found and if they had spotted you, you'd be in prison without any representation and no Embassy to help. This is what causes you to be prudent in any decision to travel to Iran. I remember on my travels, seeing a foreigner and & an Iranian holding hands in a Park in the Hills and the Comite caught them. They caned both the girl and the boy to a point where they were in tears! This is the side of Iran you didn't see. This is the side of Iran that makes the decision to travel to Iran not one you take lightly. The people of Iran are warm, sweet and wonderful! The Government on the other hand is not one to be messed with. That I think unfortunately is where the fear comes from many when they warned you about traveling to Iran. I think it's freaking AWESOME you break the barriers and myths that are created out of fear, but there is also some legitimacy and justification in the fear people have. Peace… 🙂

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