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  1. Yurii Manko сказал:

    Hey Nick! I suggest that you have to go and explore some more western cities of Ukraine. Cities like Chernivtsy very lovely, Ivano-Frsnkivsk etc. Castle at Khotyn, KAMYANETS-Podiksky.
    Welcome to Ukraine and enjoy being there.

  2. savedbyjesusblood сказал:

    I had hoped to join the locals on a trip to Vylkove but I would have had to hire a translator (which wasn't a real problem for just a day). My problems were the road passes through Moldova for a few minutes but my Ukrainian visa only allowed for single entry. Second was at the time of year I was there some of the roads are often flooded and I was later informed that one bus only just made it through. This trip also continues onto a place called Zero Kilometer where the Danube flows into the Black Sea. Instead I spent the day at Sofiyivsky Park which was very beautiful. Hopefully one day I can finally get back to Ukraine and visit Vylkove. That won't be for a few years at the very least.

  3. savedbyjesusblood сказал:

    It is good to go to some of the smaller restaurants tucked away from the main tourist strips. Found a great little place in Lviv where they didn't even speak English and had to show me pictures from Google images on their phone. I couldn't even find the place on TripAdvisor to leave a positive review.

  4. gpatrick52 сказал:

    Thank you for your great posts about Ukraine. I have visited friends there 4 times n last 2 years. Just returned home from last trip! Watching your videos keep my memories alive ! I too have fallen in love with the country and I look forward to my next trip at the holidays! Love my dear friends??❤️??

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