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Florence – A bustling Mediterranean city that is loaded with delicious Italian food and rich culture as it has been for thousands of years. Check out the best of …

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  1. Uncle Sam сказал:

    As someone who has been to this beautiful city, I do have to point something out. Do not, I repeat, do not buy a hotel in Florence. The same thing goes for Pisa. If you’re like me and visiting from the US, take the train, or car, to Florence from Rome or Milano. It gives one heck of a view of the beautiful Tuscan scenery as a bonus. Florence is not a big city, it is easy to explore, so staying solely in Florence is pretty useless.

  2. Ramishvili_TM сказал:

    First of all, let me tell you I am in absolute love with your videos. There is an royal elegance & panache which has left me mesmerized. Who ever is your DOP or the team which selects a specific locations, please convey it to them that they have an Eye for beauty & detailing and i so happy leonardo davichi miqelanchelo draws

  3. Nino Kupatadze сказал:

    Ohh my goodness!!???????
    This video is very good and exciting☺☺????? because this is one city which I like very much?????? and I want to go here✈✈?? I like here churchs ⛪?⛪?⛪?and lots of new building ???
    I always wanted to go here ?????and I don't can but now I can and I think that I will go and left only101⃣0⃣ ?day because I want to go in the lots of country and I don't have time ⏳⌚⏰⏱⏰⌚⏳⏱⏲??????
    I like here churchs, buildings and lots of famous persons statues.?????
    I like oh no!!???? I don't like????????????????????❤? I love this country
    Also I think that very important is that here liveved my one favorite painter Leonardo da Vinci I love??? this man ???and I love??????? her pictures very much.

  4. mari gotoshia сказал:

    wow! how beautiful is Florence! i always wanted to go there because i love art very much and there leaned Leonardo how to draw and also there is statue which made Miqelanjelo. it is so pretty in conclusion a Florence is great ? ??❤️???????????❤️??????????????

  5. lana xurcilava сказал:

    it was a very interesting video. l liked florence very beautiful . many tourists visit this city. This town was home to leonardo da vinci ,michelangelo end other well known personalities ,from the art. so l would like to have a great pieasurein traveling to florence and visiting the entire city. l would like to thenk you for such good videos which a wakens my desire to travel there . l m interested in the year of the year is more beautiful end beautiful florence?❤❤❤❤?

  6. Pietro Ruggeri сказал:

    You didn't show a looooot of things, like Florence is full of art and it needs a very long time to see all the beauties this city offers. I see videos on this channel that last more than 10 minutes and do you really think that 3:51 minutes is enough for Florence? No words

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