First Impressions EGYPT! – Is it Safe to go to Egypt? (2019)

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Traveling to Cairo Egypt, we explore around the city at the markets, and museum, and let you know if we think it’s safe to travel to Egypt! Patreon Community: …

23 мысли о “First Impressions EGYPT! – Is it Safe to go to Egypt? (2019)

  1. Sapphire Mango сказал:

    Not sure for women. I went to Egypt as a study trip last summer. I got sexually harassed when I was in the Valley of the Kings. One of the Egyptian guide? was passing behind me and pinched my ass. What really made me mad is that I didn’t do anything. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe what happened. When I realized what happened he was already far away. I wouldn’t be so mad if at least I did something. So now I’m afraid to go back to Egypt but I also love the country and I would have to visit more often in the future due to my career…it’s really a mixed feeling

    Oh also when I went there, there was terror attack on one of the tourists bus. About 14 people got injured and that happened near Giza.

  2. dark beast сказал:

    You may not have known how sick Josh really was but, that's no excuse for you leaving him hitchhike alone in a foreign country. As a friend and an exploration buddy you should have put your friends health first. I mean if he's saying he needs a hospital because, he doesn't feel right and you knowing that the condition of the climate is super hot and people can easily get dehydrated, that should have been a red flag in your head! Hey my friend is probably really sick from dehydration I shouldn't leave him and make sure he gets to the hospital safely

  3. Rana M. Salah _ رانا صلاح сказал:

    تعرف أن في قرية اسمها بني سلامة ممكن تروحها انت وأصحابك وتتبسطوا وتستمتعوا وتاكلوا وتلعبوا وتعلموا فوتو سيشن كمان مش بس كده ممكن تقابلوا صياد هياخدكم في مركب تصطادوا معاه وكل ده ب ٢ جنية بس ؟؟

    أيوة ب 2 جنية بس

    أزاي !!

    أدخل على الفيديو على اليوتيوب واتفرج وانت هتعرف كل حاجة

    أرخص سفرية في مصر. – أول فلوج ليا

    يارب يعجبكم ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

  4. CalmTVshow сказал:

    Egypt is great country. yes Egypt faced hard time since 2011 but we'll recover soon and we do now. Everyone is welcomed in Egypt. please consider Egypt as your second home. Egyptian are very friendly and you'll notice that as your first impression.

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