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I travel to Africa for the first time. My heart goes out to all Egyptians during this hard time. So far, every Egyptian person I have met has shown me a warm and …

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    If you have a minute free to check out my new video that took 9 hours of editing. It was such a great day that I wanted to do my best to do it justice even though that is not possible… I recommend for you book a ticket to Egypt, there are only a few tourists here so you have all this incredible scenery and history to yourself. But don't take my word for it, just watch the video.
    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Sayitlikitizz сказал:

    Wooow! Saving money is not everything: I doubt most locals would stay at that horrible hostel. Don't do that again. You are playing Russian Roulette with your safety.I have visited Egypt many times on a budget but I have never been in such a dilapidated place, ever!

  3. Cory Zhang сказал:

    A lot of comments say that the hostel looks sketchy, but one time I stayed at an Airbnb in Harbin, the stairway is definitely more dirty than the one showed in the video, and I even saw a thief loitering around 30 feet from me trying to steal a bike when I was waiting for my friends. But after we entered, I was truly surprised by the place, it was clean and exquisitely furnished, and that's when I learned to never judge a house by its outside.

  4. Ananda Barham сказал:

    Hi I have been watching all your vlogs right from the first one, I have enjoyed them all, and you are the double of my cousin it's like watching him but with a different accent lol, I'm in the UK have you been here yet ?

  5. Ken Piras Kriezis Spatas сказал:

    I'm going in Kosova Dardania this summer I have a nice house there is empty so I'm gonna invite u. If ur around anywhere at that time.. and I will show u the real Shqiperia.peria EPIRI.. and I will take u at the town of (the honrobol Aleks ) the greats mothers home town.. where Alek. Spend his 6 months when he got upset at his father.. anyways some amazing places u want to see.. like the mountains of Rugova.. anyways fune videos.

  6. Mohamed Yousry сказал:

    Man you should have visited sharm el sheikh , luxor , aswan , as for cairo , you ‘ve visited most the nice places but you hadn’t visited the nice districts &luxury places , you were about to enjoy these places , but what you ‘ve really missed was travelling to luxor & aswan , if you came to egypt again and wanted any thing you can ask me and I’ll show you very nice places which you have missed , pretty cool trip , hope you enjoyed it

  7. Mostafa Shemees сказал:

    First of all, Just wanna say Welcome to Egypt man.. i really liked how brave u are when u insisted to come even after watching the news which kinda describes Egypt as unsafe country and more like a war zone ??.. and just small advice, next time when u would like to come to Egypt u can contact any of ur Egyptian friends or non friends even just pick any Egyptian guy from the Internet and I'm completely sure no one would mind help u book a better hotel or even hostel within ur budget and help u with everywhere u go ?

  8. Jane Doe сказал:

    I went to Egypt right after the USS Cole was bombed (2000). President Clinton was there, and police presence everywhere. Our tour group had to be escorted by armed guards at times. I still felt very safe, but what a rush that was. I'd go back in a heartbeat. The Egyptian people are the nicest in the world.

  9. Matrix сказал:

    You traveled to Egypt the day before my "School Concert" which was actually the day right after what happened to the churches here in Egypt we were training the day before when we heard what happened we were like.. that really sucks, who ever does that they just try dropping the tourism in Egypt, we had to edit our song to bring tourists back and to point out that all religions in Egypt are treated the same etc.. It turned out really helpful there was 3,000 people watching, I'm just amazed of how these people who do such things actually do it to bring Egypt down.. Thank you for visiting Egypt <3 I hope I was able to see you but unfortunately we had exams right after the concert.. as usual, Welcome to Egypt :D!

  10. Jared Cobbett сказал:

    Hey Nick, Indigo Traveller…Jared here from NZ and I'm off to Egypt in February next year. Question, what was the visa situation when you got to Cairo for a Kiwi?
    Also what exactly is Airbnb? Is this something that's useful in Egypt?

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