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Join me as we go on an adventurous mission to find rappers in Karachi’s most ‘dangerous’ hood deep in LYARI. Take a seat and enjoy as we submerge into a …


  1. Peter Santenello сказал:

    ► Filmed DECEMBER 2019
    Hi Guys! Thanks for coming on this adventure. Before I go into detail about the video, Happy Ramadan to all of you in the Muslim world who are celebrating!

    Like many of my videos, I completely winged it in search of an authentic video with spontaneous interactions with the locals… and I had no idea if I'd come up with anything worthwhile. But the many cool people from Lyari came together to make this video a reality! My goal is to always get you into the local world without any filter, to show you the true feel on the ground. Some videos work out better than others, for me, this one worked out well.

    Thank you to the people in Lyari who helped. I know Masood (the man in the white) was doing some work behind the scenes to make sure that making this video was cool with those in charge of the neighborhood. There is a social order and hierarchy in Lyari and things like this don't just happen without clearance. Masood was like a guardian from the time I got off that rickshaw in the beginning until the end of my time in Lyari. This video probably wouldn't have happened without him.

    A special thanks to the cast of characters:

    Ramzy (The Rapper) – Insta @ramzybaloch_
    Abid Shaka (The Entertainer) – FB @AbidShakaFromLiyari
    Abdullah (The Boxer) – Insta @a_j_boxer_bhai
    Khan (The Real Estate Tycoon) – Insta @bilalkhax
    Masood (The Guardian/Organizer) – FB
    Nasir (The Driver) – FB @nasir.tanoli.33
    Shani (The Philosopher)
    Faisal (The Spectator) – FB tanoliprincefaisal

    Thank you to everyone else who was part of this video!

    And lastly, thank you all who watched. I couldn't do this without you! If you felt something in this please like, subscribe, and share; it really helps out my channel.

    Okay, I'm back to editing. Next video served up in a few days. Take care 🙂

  2. Syed faraz сказал:

    It's good that now Pakistan government is paying foreigners to endorse their country like this. Hopefully this will improve Pakistan's image internationally.

    I think government should hire more foreigners and pay them more so they can help improve Pakistan's image.

    Good luck ??.

  3. zabawaj handsome сказал:

    Am from Karachi. Malir. So many have died in gangwar between baloch/pashtuns and my people MQM (urdu speakers). I wish these guys all the best but rapping in baloch wont get you the popularity you need. You need to rap in the national language. Urdu.

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