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Hey Guys, here is episode 6 of my Eastern EuroTrip Roadtrip series. In this video we travel to Lviv in Ukraine, very interesting city, we find some super …


  1. StG 44 сказал:

    polish Lvov , is disintegrated by communists. if you have a chance to look photos of Lvov before IIWW you will be surprise how this polish cultural city developed under Polish Government.

  2. David Stickney сказал:

    on the toilet paper the letters ПТН ПНХ means П.уТ.иН. П.ошел Н.а Х.уй – transliterated that's " Putin Poshel Na Huuee" which is an equivalent of "Putin suck a dick" pretty sad they are more than happy to bomb their own cities and blame everything on Putin. Pretty sad they have to resort to making toilet paper to salve their egos.

  3. Ronald Ostrowski сказал:

    This used to be a beautiful Polish city for 800 years. It has turned to shit since the Poles were kicked out and the Jews were massacred by the German and Ukrainian SS. This is where Ukrainians who celebrate their Nazi collaborating past desecrate Polish war graves, Damn, I hope Putin's backed Russian separatists break away from these Ukrainian fascist lovers. And, what is the Polish Government thinking letting one million Ukrainians into Poland?

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