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In this video I explore more of the fascinating Skopje in Macedonia! Thank you for watching #VLOG 94! As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of this …


  1. Отоја Јамагучи сказал:

    I know this is old but i'm gonna still reply,if you'll notice most of the buildings you saw were either recently finished or half way done while others were just a year away from being finished.This is because people in the government that run the budget use this pretty obvious yet effective tactic of starting a project and skimming off so much money that the projects can take from 2 to 10 full of years to finish or they never get done(some are just started and left in that condition,some or halfway and others are just a year short from being finished and in some cases they get demolished or the new politicians take credit after they're finished up.A lot of the statues you there are essentially like a man compensating for something as they were built on the tears,blood and sweat on the people that never asked for them(they'd rather get an improvement in life quality).That's why Macedonia is one of the poorest and most corrupted country in Europe.

  2. Chris N сказал:

    No gonna lie it's a beautiful country!Really wanna visit one day. Love ?? from ??. Do not let idiot nationalists ruin our friendship. It doesn't matter that our views are different,yeah ok I don't agree with the naming but this is not gonna keep me off of visiting.

  3. mike v сказал:


  4. m ancic сказал:

    Wonderful video! Do you fear being mugged walking up quiet mountains on your own like you did in the video? Just curious as I would love to do that in the places I go but the possibility of mugging put me off big time.


    If you come back to Macedonia visit Kanjon Matka Skopje,Mountin in Prilep with moneatry in Prilep and castle on mountan of king Marko in Prilep,Bitola,Berovski izvori,Ohrid Sv.Naum,Vevcanski Izvori,Biljanini Izvori and Samouel's fortness Ohrid….

  6. Panos Fillipou сказал:

    Wake up your goverment is shitting you peolple …. wake up and embrace your real skopjan albanian an roma history … stop stealing other peoples history … truth will eventually surface and you will be ridicille ……. snap out of it …..

  7. Panos Fillipou сказал:

    The question "Greek or Macedonian" is WRONG. It is like asking "Milanese or Italian" "Londoner or Englishman" "Bavarian or German" The right question is "Greek or Slav" ? Alexander SPOKE GREEK ,HAD GREEK NAME AND CULTURE . During the Ancient Greece, there were many states like Macedonia, Athens, Sparta,Militos, Syracuse, Corinth etc. Pericles was Athenian, Socrates was Athenian, Leonidas was Spartan, Alexandros was Macedonian. They were all GREEKS 2. The name "Macedonia" was given by its people and in Greek it means "Highland."
    1. Recorded history refers to an ancient kingdom of Macedonia beginning in the 7th century B.C.E.

    3. Many ancient sources — historians, the Bible, the Torah, geographers, etc. — refer to Macedonia as a Greek kingdom. It is also mentioned by Homer and by the historian-geographer Strabo who states: "Macedonia is Greece as well."

    4. The Talmud, in relating the friendly meeting between Alexander the Great and the High Priest Simon the Just, on the formers entry into Jerusalem in 333 B.C.E., refers to him as HaMocdon Meleh Yavan — Alexander of Macedon, king of Greece.

    5. The Roman writer Livy, referring to an assembly of Greeks in Aetolia in 200 B.C.E.: "Aetolians, Acarnanians, Macedonians, people of the same language" (XXXI, 29, 15)

    6. Over 5000 excavated relics of the ancient Macedonian kingdom carry only Greek inscriptions.

    7. The ancient Macedonians participated in the Olympic games, and only Greeks could do that. They believed in the same Gods as the rest of the Greeks. Their kingdom's coins carried Greek inscriptions only. The palace floor in the ancient Macedonian capital of Pella depicts Greek deities and Greek mythological figures with Greek language inscriptions.

    8. Mt. Olympus, home of the Greek Gods, was located in Macedonia. At the foot of the mountain, excavations unearthed the ancient Macedonian burial grounds with Greek inscriptions. 9. The ancient Greeks were the only people to build theaters. Four were already found in Macedonia where plays were performed in Greek.

    10. Apostle Paul refers to the Greeks receiving him when he visited Macedonia. He was preaching in Greek and his epistles were written in Greek, the language of the inhabitants.

    11. Alexander the Great, king of Macedonia and leader of the united Greek city-states, disseminated Greek culture and civilization during his campaign against the Persian Empire as well as in Europe, Africa, and other Asian areas.

    12. There was never a "Macedonian" language just as there never was an "Athenian," "Epirotic," "Spartan," "Theban," Boeotian," etc. All city-states and kingdoms of Greece spoke the same language with various dialects. Present-day Bulgaria — an idiom of the Bulgarian language is spoken by the pseudo-Macedonians — recognizes neither a Macedonian language nor a Macedonian ethnicity. Most of the present-day Slavs in the country of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are of Bulgarian descent.

    13. Pope John Paul: "Macedonia is the birthplace of Philip, Alexander, Methodius, and Cyril. Macedonia is Greek."

    14. The Cyrillic alphabet, which the Skopjeans use, has thirty-six letters. Twenty-four of them are the twenty-four letters of the Greek alphabet.

    15. The first grammar textbook of the so-called Macedonian language was published in 1952, the first philological dictionary in 1961, and the History of the Macedonian Nation in 1969. The kingdom of Serbia, later of the Croats, Slovenes, and Serbs, gained its independence from the Ottoman Empire one hundred years earlier.

    16. Demosthenes, the Athenian orator and a fanatic super patriot, never called the Macedonians "barbarians" — only their king Philip — and that because he could not stomach the passing of Greek supremacy from Athens to Macedonia. His Athenian orator rival, Isocrates, sent a letter to King Philip exhorting and imploring him to unite all Greeks and, seeking vengeance, to lead them against Persia, their common enemy.

    17. Ilinden, the site of an insurrection of supposedly all races residing in the geographic area of ancient Macedonia against the Ottoman Empire, was planned and instigated by the Bulgarian Government whose dream it was to annex all of it and gain access to the Aegean Sea. Categorical evidence of this is found in the many existing reports of European ambassadors and counsels that were dispatched to their respective Foreign Ministries. The pseudo-Macedonians appropriated this unsuccessful event of Ilinden — most of the victims were Greek — from the Bulgarians and present it as their own heroic attempt to gain "freedom for Macedonia."

    18. There never existed a country called "Macedonia" since the destruction of the ancient kingdom by the Romans in 168 B.C.E. Any reference to a division of "Macedonia" between Greece, Serbia, and Bulgaria is a false and ludicrous statement. The geographical area of Macedonia from the advent of the Slavs in the 6th century A.D. (C.E.) until the First Balkan War of 1912 — a period of 1500 years — was populated by Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Albanians, Jews and gypsies and since the 14th century A.D. (C.E.) by Turks as well. No census of Roman, Byzantine or Ottoman Empires refers to any "Macedonians." Hence, what "Macedonia" was divided up?

    19. Before it became Yugoslavia, the country was called "Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes." No mention of Macedonians.

    20. Only the southern part of F.Y.R.O.M. corresponds to the upper border of the ancient Macedonian kingdom.

    21. In his book I Was Sent To Athens, the American diplomat Morgenthau, Chairman of the League of Nations Population Exchanges Commission, wrote that after the departure of the Turks and Bulgarians from Macedonia, "Macedonia was a purely Greek region."

    22. Lord Salisbury, head of the English delegation of the Treaty of Berlin in 1878: "Macedonia and Thrace are as Greek as Crete is."

    23. In the Turk Hilmi Pasha's population census of 1905, Macedonian region, only Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Bulgarians, Greeks, and Jews were recorded. No Macedonians, not even one.

    24. In the 1912 Ottoman parliamentary elections, which allowed for minorities representation, there were Arab, Albanian, Greek, Armenian, Jewish and Bulgarian elects. No Macedonian! No such a minority existed.

    25. During the first Balkan War of 1912, after Greece liberated Thessaloniki, it established a "Governorate General of Macedonia." No one reacted against it.

    26. No known historic record refers to any total extinction or genocide perpetrated upon the ancient Macedonian people. What of their descendants? Surely they are not Slavs. What of their rights to their identity and heritage? Are they no longer "Macedonian?"

    27. In Tito's communist Yugoslavia, its Communist Party — atheists to the core — established the "Macedonian Orthodox Church" in 1968. HUH?

    28. Prior to being baptized "Macedonia" by the communists Tito and Stalin, the southern Yugoslav region was named and known as "Vardarska Banovinja." No matter what the name of northern Greece, that's exactly what the new name for "Vardarska Banovinja" would have been (Macedonia). After all, the goal was to annex northern Greece and gain access to the Aegean Sea.

    29. Finally, I place the following challenge to one and all of the concocted "Macedonian" ethnicity: If you ever come across an authentic, legitimate relic or find of the ancient Macedonian kingdom with an inscription other than in the Greek language, you shall have achieved the discovery of all times. You need not despair, however. There is no time limit! "And, now, is justly the barbarian praised by the Athenians for capturing Hellenes? As for Alexander who is a Hellene and captured Hellenes, not only did he not imprison his opponents, but enlisted them and made them his allies instead of enemies… " [ 2.4.5; Oration of Demosthenes] Alexander to Persians:"Your ancestors invaded Macedonia and the rest of Greece? and did us great harm though we had done them no prior injury;… I have been appointed hegemon of Greeks…" Arrian, Anabasis of Alexander II, 14, 4 (Loeb P.A. Brunt) Strabo: "And Macedonia, of course, is a part of Greece." (Strab. VII, Frg. 9 [Loeb, H.L. Jones .I don't see here anywhere that Macedonians are not Greeks!!…You gimme Demosthenis ( we know that he hated every Greek who was not an Athenian…) and you gimme sources about competition with Macedonians and the rest of the Greeks…Where the hell it says here that Macedonians had not Greek origin???…I can mention you thousand of similar sources whicn speak like this, for example about Spartans. or South Italy Greeks, or Cypriots or Thevans etc etc… but lets see and what Macedonian kings were saying…Here is the BEST:

  8. Natasha Ilievska сказал:

    The part of this video when you are in centar i m sure i was there and saw you how you recording . lol after so long time i find your youtube channel .My recommendations :there is a tree call ''naked man'' Kozuf Mountain (the bark of the tree is like human skin ),Pastrmajlija fest in Shtip,WINE FEST,for summer Dorijan lake ,Matka in skopje ,Mount Golak -Delčevo,for winter ponikva -Kochani and Mavrovo for skiing .The beauty in macedonia are mountains .CHALLENGE discover the mountains in macedonia ( green beauty and clean air)

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