Exploring Mumbai's RICHEST Neighborhoods ??

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Mumbai is a city of extremes. In this video, I go looking for the richest neighborhoods. ▻ MUSIC in this VIDEO (free 30-day trial!)

48 мыслей о “Exploring Mumbai's RICHEST Neighborhoods ??

  1. Robert N сказал:

    Why go to India to see Jaguars or Mercedes? You can see them at any dealership around the world. If I'd go to India, I would go and visit IIT, to see where the brightest minds of the world are educated.

    And people look SUPER friendly: where do you find people who smile at tourists in western countries?

  2. fakerating сказал:

    Generally good video, but it's super rude to say to someone just trying to make a living, trying to sell you something "I wouldn't take it for free…" there are much nicer ways of saying it, or just ignoring them rather than insulting how they choose to try to earn a living.

  3. Seamus Moran сказал:

    I found many comments made in the video about India were very hackneyed and cliched. And somehow very touristy and American. Some new insights would have been better. Also: you can't just go prying into people's property with a video camera.

  4. Amed Mackie сказал:

    I guess India is like most African countries, so much wealth but not organised, that why Mumbai looks like a slum. Mumbai is wealthier than Dubai but that do not reflect it real potential, all it takes is stricter regulations, with time people will adjust and it will seem normal. Im from Africa and we do things almost like India. The west is not rich anymore like it used to 30,40 years back. the wealth is mostly in places like India but because it not well organised it will not reflect that.

  5. John Gravley сказал:

    The Indian head bob can mean "yes," it can mean "no," it can mean "maybe," it can mean "I didn't bother listening to your question," it can mean "I want you to go away," it can mean "I don't have the slightest idea what we're talking about," it can mean "I'm deaf," it can mean "Are you talking to me?" or it can mean any of a thousand other things. I was in India twice, both times for 3 months, and by the end of my second visit, I was starting to understand the Indian head bob to a certain extent. I wasn't even sure why sometimes but there was an occasional instance where I was certain I understood it. However, you're right that the only way to truly understand what they mean is to be born and raised in the culture.

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