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Escaping Venezuela at 3AM to a neighboring country. -My Instagram – Ask your Questions here!: -Follow Diego here!


  1. benikage666 сказал:

    I think you insane for going to a bunch of these places, but i'm super glad you made it out unscathed. My take-away from these videos is that you're just trying to educate would-be travellers. Is there any place you haven't been or refuse to go?

  2. Liam Leahy сказал:

    Colombia has had a hard time with "the drug wars and the 80's"….OMG gringo do you ever shut up? No mention of the civil war? You don't know the history of Colombia…or Venezuela…or speak Spanish. Just zip it.

  3. William Lewis сказал:

    According to the refugee and UN rules that should have taken ALL of the people. You are supposed to go to the closet country next to the place you are fleeing not get paid to walk acrossed a few countries to get to the United States of America. You seek refuge in the closest country you are escaping from. Them are the rules. If you don't do that you are not a political refugee then you are an economic migrant.

  4. Mike Hunt сказал:

    So you went to a country your not suppose to film in, filmed for 2 weeks, they let you in with all the film equipment & let you leave with all the footage, something fishy about this, who are Lenny & the other guy? Why are they so well off? Did you pay them for the tourist security? Do they work for the government? Is it me or is there wrong with this picture ?

  5. Mateus сказал:

    Bogota — Watch all your possessions outside, even if you think you are in a nice neighborhood and only sending a brief text on your iPhone. A very disappointing trip, and stupid Colombian airport forex place a STAMP on foreign currency (USD) that they give you, so when you go to certain other countries, your money will likely be rejected.

  6. Justnot4u Hl сказал:

    You are an idiot and the very ignorant way you promote solo traveling to socialists or dictatorship countries is reason in itself for me to not feel any sympathy for you when shit goes bad for you. You are one of many who should be held responsible for the murderss of tourists in 3rd World countries you promote time after time on your channel. You disgusts me!

  7. cOmInO сказал:

    I went to colombia last year and i was there 15 years ago as well i remember Venezuela was thousand times better looking clean beautiful than colombia and i am still surprised that after all this years colombia should be even more progressed than what they were 15 years ago they are going through their shit as well but obviously not even close to whats happening in venezuela and how venezuela has changed backwards in just 21 years. Fun fact venezuelas bolivar before all this shit was better than the dollar it was the richest country back then so it was incredibly advanced.

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