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Check out the story I wrote about BEAUTIFUL ASMARA on my blog: More than any place I’ve been to on this planet, Asmara and Eritrea is …


  1. Yonas Sbhatu сказал:

    Thank You Peter and ur mate for uploading this absolutely fabulous video. I’m Eritrean, and currently lives in Canada. I was born in Keren, one of the city u visited. I’m certain u would have enjoyed an amazing view in the Red Sea. I read ur memories. You are truly very inspiring!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Rigbe bayre Melke сказал:

    I love my home land and I proud of being an Eritrean becouse i am from the beautiful and respected hard working people ; more over Eritreans are the most loyal and God fearing people and always welcome to guests.?????????
    Thank you Peter.

  3. Abi abi сказал:

    You should visit outside Asmara and thanks for rimmed my county i hope you feel sorry for the people's how live without privilege and freedom which bad i know our families are good and welcome but our governments are not from this world they are savage. They will never show you the jail

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