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40 мыслей о “ERITREA ?? – MY FIRST TIME!

  1. Alain MSafari сказал:

    Ohhh maan i just start watching his videos today, i just start enjoying his lovely sharings i watched some of the older videos then the one where they went up the mountain to the oldest church in Ethiopia & i wrote a comment saying how they were couragous & that i had to do that trip after watching them & i thought he would see it then i start reading the comment & my heart just broke down learning about him passing away May our Lord Jesus have him by his side, he seemed as a great person maan what a feeling may his family be strengthen & consoled ??

  2. pet pet сказал:

    Sorry for some health centers in Ethiopia that choose money first than saving humans. I can’t stop blaming you when I feel that this man and many others would have perpetuated if you were not running for money. DAMN!!!

  3. Rami Sebit сказал:

    It is ironic how Ethiopians and this western born fake Eritreans come watch us like we are zoo animals while we are slaving for 20 years in SAWA(national service). Ethiopians enjoy democracy & freedom so do Somalians now. Eritrea is Hellሲኦል on earth
    We prefers uncertainty slavery & death in Libya or Mediterranean Sea than live in Eritrea.

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