EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

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48 мыслей о “EMPTY NORTH KOREA HOTEL (Strange Experience)

  1. Amy Stone сказал:

    They dont allow North Koreans to be in the same places as foreigners if you are from certain countries. A few countries you are mandated a 24/7 military "guide". Due to NK propaganda, they are taught that Americans especially, will kill and torture them. However its believed this is really to prevent anyone from telling NK's the truth about everything

  2. Ian Murray сказал:

    It's crazy to think about what effort is put in by the government to totally control every aspect of your visit. Not to experience the country on your own, the nature, the culture, the real people.

    It's all a stage, to try and prove everything is ok. The natives are scared to speak to you. Imagine the expense of ruining the hotels, for just a couple of people.

  3. Opinion Stated as Fact сказал:

    what a depressing shithole.. nothing interesting about it. Just watching a bunch of impoverished and oppressed people hating their lives. No idea (and nor do I care) why anybody would want to waste their money or time visiting this dump. It's not even interesting anymore, like every hack with a gopro has exposed the same thing again, and again, and again. Hard pass on NK.

  4. Tom Innis сказал:

    Brave boy. But what can be done to efficate change and improve the lives of ordinary people there?
    It all sounds a bit like a 'jolly wheeze' to you.
    Do you know of what most North Koreans eat on a typical day?
    You make it look like a paradise – which it most certainly is not. Don't be deluded or delude others by your video. Beauty destroyed by a vile regime – Kim Jon Un in particular.

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