EGYPT is EPIC ??سافر لمصر حالاً

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39 мыслей о “EGYPT is EPIC ??سافر لمصر حالاً

  1. Tim Elston сказал:

    The little girl said, "Ma hatha?" which means "What is that?" She was interested in your camera. I should move to Aswan for retirement since I studied Arabic decades ago but never really used it. Aswan reminds me a little bit of the Columbia River Basin desert where grew up.

  2. okay сказал:

    LMAO bro you’re worried about riding a camel because it’s “unethical” when you’re supporting Egypt in general ????? no logic. In Egypt it is illegal to protest, political opponents are jailed or worse. In 2018 Egypt executed 43 people, in 2019 it is on pace to smash that number as execution are rising. This is by way of public hanging, stoning, beheading, and firing squads btw… “unethical” lmao you’re honestly a fucking joke. In 2018 69 Egyptian women were imprisoned for peaceful demonstrations. Some were protesting FGM (female genital mutilation for those that are unaware). It’s honestly a disgusting comment you made about how you’re not going to ride a fucking camel “ou I have to do more research before I ride this camel because it’s unethical” meanwhile you’re supporting a country that is currently steeped in human rights violations…

  3. loera javier сказал:

    I'm a Mexican American, I like to see that you have learned a few words in the countries that you're at, it shows the people that you try to learn there culture, you are one special brother, take care of yourself my amigo, I'm sure you know what amigo means all over the world, amigo friend.

  4. Denise Ockey сказал:

    You did not show any clips of Aswan.I loved where you stayed. Could you put a link to the name of the island and small village where you stayed? Also, I am guessing from your age that you have not done much without the benefit of the internet. Please include the names of these places for the "old timers." Thanks Nick.

  5. Dubissokomisch сказал:

    Be careful with these Egyptians. 90% are only friendly because they want money. They are poor and bitter. And they can brainwash us Westerners easily. Their culture is friendly and they insult us in friendly ways that we do not understand.
    And Nick, if they charge you only 0,11$ for a ferry ride and you have a western income, please pay them a little bit more, otherwise you are scamming them….

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