Ecuador Travel: How Expensive is QUITO? (Capital of Ecuador)

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In this video I explore Quito, Ecuador and show how much things cost. PLANNING A BUDGET TRAVELING TRIP?? “Gabe’s Guide to Budget Travel” is a travel …

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  1. Rubi Cela сказал:

    Hey Gabriel…I have been following you for awhile and I know your super busy but if you happen to see this post…could you tell me about the public rr situation…is it similar to some places in SE Asia…

  2. Andre molinari сказал:

    I've noticed that people from ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are not that nice, kind, friendly to tourists, not customer service skills whatsoever. I've been to central America, people there, especially in El Salvador were so nice.

  3. Maggy Ibarra сказал:

    I live in Quito, I regret to say my friend that you were in an expensive area of Quito, a breakfast in another place they charged $ 2.50 for more including coffee, eggs, juice, bread. Or maximum 3 dollars.

    Like a lunch you can find for 2. 70 or maximum 3 dollars.this depends on the place where it is more expensive, or cheaper in everything. If you buy at the fairs the strawberries for twice the amount you bought is a dollar. The natives in the street sell expensive things depending if you are north or downtown. They must learn where to buy.

    Quito is cheap the same Cuenca, if you know where you should eat. Foreigners who do not know do it. And also many abusers who look at foreigners raise the cost of things, clothes, souvenirs or food to earn more of you. If you travel and ask questions at the hostel or hotel where you are staying, it is better for you not to run into landlords,

    I explain this because the values them selves are not the same in Quito, nor what they would all actually spend. but thanks for being in my country. Traveling and getting to know other countries is a beautiful experience as you live, and you learn new cultural. With respect, thank you very much.

  4. Joseph Kokomo сказал:

    You are a natural in front of the camera; i.e., you make it look effortless, you have charisma, you're attractive and you're SMART and mention the things we're wondering about. Good job and thank you and wishing you much success.

  5. BooBoo Galoo сказал:

    Very interesting perspectives in general. But I can only listen to what you're saying cuz the videos have too much dizzying movement. It really is hard to watch your videos when you're traveling about and the camera is bouncing around like it isn't attached to anything.

  6. Phil Huber сказал:

    I gave you a thumbs up but I'm disappointed in your lack of care for the costs of what you buy. Your negotiating skills are worse than "the ugly american/gringo". Just because you agree with the price inflated to you, doesn't mean it's a good deal. Get by on Quito local prices like the 3 million locals. You're not special. Don't drive up prices. Mora is a great blackberry/rasberry/mullbery juice but never pay more than pay more than .50 for a tall 12oz glass. And ALWAYS ASK PRICE FIRST ON EVERYTHING. I'm presently in La Mariscal (the tourist area) since Jan. 12 2018. My rent is $220/mo. And eating is limited to $4.00 per day. I love it here and hope your type gringo stays out of Quito. Remember tourism is the largest industry in the world. You're not a tourist but you wannabe with the way you spend and drive up prices. The vendors resent your display of easy come easy go. They respect and like negotiators.

  7. California traveler сказал:

    I love Ecuador , so cool.. I once lived in Mexico for like three years in Rosario and visited pretty much the whole country and later settled in Puerto Valletta Jalisco but I think Ecuador is more exciting in its own way.I am wondering as how the Visa and Master card companies charge you for exchange rate since Ecuador is unique in the world in terms of its currency and I guess unlike Venezuela where I also spent a few weeks, there is no currency devaluation.

  8. Megan Wooldridge сказал:

    That juice and empanada looked amazing! I'm going to Ecuador next week, and I'm nervous about eating and drinking in the restaurants there (have been told not to buy food from street vendors and be wary of drinking non-bottled drinks in restaurants). Would any ecuadorians care to help me out here?

  9. Don MacLeod сказал:

    How safe would you consider Ecuador? I am going to be backpacking through Ecuador, Peru & Bolivia in October. I lived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and did not have issues but I wasn't carrying everything I had at once.

  10. Edgar Mino сказал:

    I've been reading so much drama because of $0.50. It is true, the lady is not being honest, but name me a country, city or town where local people don't try to take advantage of the tourist. I live in USA, and would like to invite you to for example get a taxi cab and you will see how they robe your money In less than 10 minutes, and I'm not talking about cents. Or buy the same water bottle in downtown Miami or New York for $4.
    This guy travels I believe around the world and pretty sure that he took it as a learn experience. Let's stop talking negativity about or country and remark the good things of the video. Dishonest people are every where around the world.
    Gabriel, another great place to visit is the Galápagos Islands, and of course the best city, Guayaquil perla del Pacifico.

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