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Things just keep on getting more wild. Thank you for watching #VLOG 120. As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of the video ❤️ Cheers, Nick …


  1. Eugene Taylor & Abraham Krikorian сказал:

    We am enjoying your videos very much and think you are doing a service by providing brief views of so many different countries. We were disappointed that you didn't actually give the name of the mountain you pointed out in Armenia. Mount Ararat is believed by many to be the landing site of Noah's Ark. Armenia was the 1st Christian country. The Armenians also underwent a "genocide" during WWI by the Turks. We have a YouTube site "Conscience Films" where your viewers can view our numerous travel videos including information on the Armenian Genocide – http://www.youtube.com/user/consciencefilms/videos. Thank you for what you are doing.

  2. DS Rai сказал:

    Had a similar experience in New Delhi where it is fairly common practice to drink and drive. I don’t remember it too well cos I was drinking as well. In India the favourite tipple is whiskey. The cable car ride looked cool as was the scenery. Is Quinn a friend or someone you met along the way?

  3. dbjungle сказал:

    How did you get started traveling? How do you manage the language barrier? I just discovered your channel, but I find the videos inspirational how you're showing that there are great people all over the world. My favorite has been the videos in Iran and Iraq. I've only been to Romania and the Netherlands so far.

  4. Gabriel Monson сказал:

    I'm watching this in Armenia. Would be great to hitch more but as a lady traveller to be honest I got over the risk of reckless pushy drunk 'flirts' a while ago. If there's no public transport, I get known drivers arranged by my accommodation now. Still get some great soundtracks during the rides 🙂 Though did hitch back from Tatev cable to Goris last week just before dark in murky weather … phew, got picked up by an old Russian couple. He was great driving in the serious zero vis mist that came down.

  5. Michael Tayon сказал:

    LOL ~ I drank Raki with a shopkeeper in Gölcük once ( He got a ticket too , but the Police let me still stay and drink more, and NOT re-ticket the shopkeeper!!! LOL),
    I got pretty shit faced and then went and had grilled dinner at a local hotel restaurant (Top, 7th? Floor), loved that day & night!!!!! 🙂

  6. Tasdamad сказал:

    AAA! Bruh, your videos on my motherland are amazing! I have few Armenian phrases for you to learn! You are welcome! ??❤️??

    Hello! – Parev!
    Thank you! – Shnoragalem!
    Can I get a ride to… – Grnak inz hastsnel tebi…
    Safe travels – Pari janabar.

  7. Nemo сказал:

    You know what's missing from your videos? WOMEN. I want to see what the women in these exotic locals you visit look like. Is that so wrong, although I get the feeling that you may not be that interested in women, if you know what I mean..

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