DRIVING With A SAUDI WOMAN (+ local food!) ??ترجمة عربية INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA #3

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Women driving in the Kingdom is a new reality. Come along on for an insightful journey! MY SAUDI VIDEOS …

38 мыслей о “DRIVING With A SAUDI WOMAN (+ local food!) ??ترجمة عربية INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA #3

  1. Warda Moha сказал:

    I have changed my comments. But I don’t get it why you are asking about politics and religion issues. Why can’t you give us the people’s story. There is so much to see that asking about women and head scarves.

  2. Amro Mou сказал:

    هوا عادي البنات تخرج مع صحابها كدا قدام الناس دلوقت !؟ وبتسلم بايديها عادي ؟ انا كنت متخيل الوضع مختلف فالسعوديه

  3. Muhammad Ghali сказал:

    الحين لو هذا شخص كان باكستاني تسببوا و بلغتو شرطة و تقولون كيف باكستاني يقعد مع مرأة عربية سعودية بس أجنبي عادي ما تقولون شيء

  4. Jaz Ham сказал:

    I'm sorry..but most of the stuff she said about women covering up and how it's their choice is bullshit, I live in the middle east and i know, actually a lot of the stuff that people said in these episodes were bullshit. Dont get me wrong Saudi did get better in the last few years but they're making it seem like it's a liberal country all of a sudden lol.
    No hate just stating facts ❤

  5. Y Al сказал:

    Why do I still see people that think because women rights in Saudi Arabia are so low that the whole islamic world is like this, like most islamic countries have women rights and Saudi is the only country where women have to wear a hijab and couldn't drive, I'm a women in Morocco and we have rights, we can drive, we can wear what we want (most women here don't even wear a headscarf, wearing a miniskirt is totally fine!) we have jobs lmao and that's the case for almost every islamic country so yeah.

  6. Naila Khan сказал:

    I have never been to Saudi Arabia so far. I just randomly want to share something negative that I have been told about arabs in general and Saudis and UAE people in particular. It is that they still haven't been able to totally accept the islamic teaching of there being no superiority on the basis of being Arab. What I have been told about them is that they consider themselves waaaaaaay more superior than the muslims from non Arab areas. This superiority leads them often to arrogance towards non arab muslims. I dont know if it's true or not. I know there is no country in the world which does not have any negative side to it, including mine, of course. But you can hardly ever see an arab woman marrying a non-Arab. Once a guy from village married an arab woman as they both had fallen in love and literally the Saudi government asked Pakistani govt to deport her back to saudi Arabia. They were reluctant to respect the fact that she is the poor person's wife; not a girlfriend! They just couldn't digest the fact that she left everything to marry a non-Arab muslim. So sad! I still remember how he was so depressed for losing her and it took him years to overcome his loss.

  7. My Me сказал:

    Whenever foreigners come to UAE (ie my professors) they tell us technology crashed down on you and you had to absorb everything so fast. I mean now I see Saudi and if we crashed they probably hit it with the speed of light. So proud of them, and my only advice is to keep your tradition because it's your identity. Other than that I see Saudi being more forward than us in UAE they have intelligent kids over there. Quite smart and kind. Thank you, Peter, for showing Saudi and it's people with the light we have been seeing for decades. Keep going Saudi, UAE is cheering for you. Your achievements are our achievement and vise-verse.

  8. شذى محمد сказал:

    The truth is that this woman did not tell you the whole truth. As for a Saudi woman who is forced to wear the veil, and there are many like me forced, most women do not have a job here and take money from her husband or her father. Therefore, most personal decisions cannot be made because she does not have independence.

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