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Hey Guys, here is episode 2 of my EuroTrip Roadtrip series where we travel from Slovakia over the border into Poland and get a big surprise by the traffic.


  1. piloeuro сказал:

    When I drive there, I feel like everybody want to be first. They are all speeding, even on small road. And even if you respect the speed limit, a car will overtake you (and then slow down to turn right after 1km 😀 super useful !:) ) .

    Once, I was on a two lane road, speed limit 70 and 50 in cities/villages. I saw a family, standing and waiting to cross the road on pedestrian path (zebra). I decided to stop to let them pass (and the car behind me was still far away)….what a mistake, I felt like I was stopping on a highway. Lot of cars speeding around 80-100, a car honked me.

    And, as pedestrian, cross the road only if it's 100% safe to do. In some countries in western europe, you know you can start to cross and high chance that most cars will stop to let you pass. Do not be so confident in Poland, behave lile you are invisible.

    Ps: I know in Russia is probably worst, but I traveled only in EU, so I can't compare with the other zones. From my experience, in Romania they are driving line crazy too, in cities in Italia it's anarchy. In UK or Scandinavia, for example, they are way more "relax" and more courtesy.

  2. Peter Lord сказал:

    Indigo Traveller. "Drivers in Poland are Dangerous". Well that's a sweeping statement. Compared to what? It's like saying all New Zealander's like sex with sheep. Too many traffic jams in Poland, well you're in for a shock when you go to London, Paris or Rome.

  3. Arion Blishen сказал:

    Poland is NOTHING compared to Russia. I have Russian mates that put their hand across me to stop me from walking and said never cross on RED and keeping looking and a car just comes through a RED light. Rules are OPTIONAL in many countries. Also signs are different even though EVERYONE every country signed an agreement on international signs and drivers licenses and vehicle registration they are still different and often deadly. It needs to change (BTW Canada is forced to because the Americans won't join the ENTIRE human race and use the metric system).

  4. Filipeczeg сказал:

    We aren’t driving unsafely, we have our own specific driving-style, some foreigners (like you) might found it really weird and unsafe, but here, there’s for ex. such “rule” that if there’s for example speed limit at 50 km/h but the traffic’s moving at the speed of the 90 km/h then you should drive 90 km/h too, or if there are two or more lanes, if somebody’s driving faster (even breaking the speed limits), then just let him go and don’t occupy the left lane. We just like our horsepower 🙂

  5. PatTV сказал:

    I was driving from Katowice to Bielsko Biała and this tir started overtaking us all when there was a no tir overtaking car rule

    MORE: I was driving from Warsaw to Katowice and there was this truck that missed his exit stopped then reversed to his exit

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