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  1. DinDu Nuffin сказал:

    Its amazing how many people are praising Bangladesh. Let me be certain: Bangladesh is a failed state, its society and culture is worthless-corrupt is the nature of all people. If it wasn't then it would have developed itself but it can't due to all the educated leaving. Imagine losing more than 10 doctors and engineers because they left due to the corrupt nature of that country caused by the same people praising these videos in the comments..sad. Now imagine the son of the president living next to me, did that fucker earn it? Fuck no. That is how corrupt it is.

  2. Raz сказал:

    Thanks, I really enjoy your blogs I think your doing a great thing there.. do be careful though as I see you’re doing good?? plus some nice tunes in the videos, actually it’s the tunes that persuaded me to write the comment.. keep up the good work.. I would luv to see sylhet, Moulvibazar that’s where I am from..

  3. Myriad Vision сказал:

    As a Bangladeshi i really feel ashamed! We are so indisciplined!!! . Wish i could change all those chaotic stuffs and educate all those uneducated. We need to change ourself. I believe its quite possible. We just need a strict implementation of some good habits. Thank you " Indigo Traveller" for visiting Bangladesh. I have seen Bangladesh in your eyes. Cheers!

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