Does Ukraine Have a Bright Future?! (#5) ??

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Episode 5 of 5: BENEATH KYIV. Ukraine… a special place in the world with many forces at play. But what direction is it going in? In this video we journey into the …

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  1. James Robinson сказал:

    One word for the mansion – – – there are some beautiful architectural features. Throughout history such lavish mansions occupied by rulers were used by them as a place to meet and impress other rulers more than for personal uses.Still a foolish waste of money. But would you want the "face" of your country on the world stage to be one of poverty? I know it is not my country and this is not intended as advice. I wish Ukraine a bright and prosperous future.

  2. I am Me сказал:

    He gets the point of view from some cocky kid that knows nothing and btw why would anyone from beautiful countries move to the US of A in the first place – the grass in not greener there and you will have to work harder to survive while kissing and licking peoples assholes to get anywhere in the workforce. Save yourself the headaches!! Secondly, "Jobs" Really, idolizing a man that stole ideas from other partners and claimed "APPLE Technology" as his brain storm P L E A S E!!! Don't fall for the greedy corporate world of the US of A. They are not all that. You want to find a solution? Use your own culture instead of allowing the American's take over your ideas and free thinking ways – You've done it this long – create your own niche instead of using US of A narcissist ways! STOP PROMOTING THE US OF A

  3. Sidoney Salmon сказал:

    YES IT DOES……. As a JAMAICAN who have been to UKRAINE i can safely say the future of Ukraine is in good hands, the generation coming up are brave , intelligent, wise and VERY ambitious.
    Lots of love from JAMAICA ?? ?? ?? ??

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