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Happy birthday mate! ❤️ Thank you for watching #VLOG 123. As always leave me a comment with your thoughts of the video ❤️ Cheers, Nick The …


  1. monica shapiro сказал:

    Just wanted to let you know Nick, how much I am enjoying your videos! I am a 68year old Amerian woman who did a lot of traveling in my younger days. Not as adventurous as you, but I did see a lot. I just started traveling again since my husband passed and am now going with a senior group from our small town. I really enjoy it and especially like to see all the unusual places you are visiting. Keep it up, Monica

  2. mus1im сказал:

    Siz yalnış anlamısınız O torpaqlar AZƏRBAYCAN torpaqlarıdır ??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????❤❤❤??????????????????

  3. loera javier сказал:

    Greetings from Chula Vista California which has the best weather in all of the USA, your video is great, Quinn reminds me of me when I have a whole bottle of tequila and I wake up still drunk and have to make a Clamato with beer to get "fixed" and then it all starts over. Five minutes from Mexico, then you have a menudo and the whole world changes and you feel like you're perfect again, life is great. Good luck my amigos.

  4. Elshan M сказал:

    I want to know as many people as possible to know this. Below under ("our") I mean Azerbaijani. In 1993 under Elchibey government, our army recaptured most of the lost lands (we were standing 10 km to Khankendi), but with the coming of resurgent power in Russia millitary coup (1993) in Russia, our army was threatened with tactical nukes from Russians if we don't leave the lands. Actually Elchibey government was openly pro-western and armenians were able to use it under their propaganda very effectively for relationship with Russia and Iran (that is the reason why the relationship of Azerbaijan with Iran is still strained). Armenian government was arguing that creation of new pro-western government in South Caucasus is strongly against the policies of Iran and Russia (actually at that time Georgia was still corrupt and not openly pro-western). Following this thought, Azerbaijan actually was the first country that was left by the West on their own destiny in ex-USSR before Georgia in 2008, Ukraine in 2014, etc. If anybody wants to know a somewhat balanced view on Nagorno-Karabakh war, please read the book "Black Garden" by western author Thomas de Waal. There you will find a lot of interesting information on the background of former Armenian president (Serzh Sargissian) and where the ASALA terrorists were coming from.

  5. Ranjan Biswas сказал:

    I didn't knew much about Armenia, but once I'm discovered there are some Armenians living in my country for over 200 years. There is a place in my country called Armenitola. Again I learnt, in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, there is a place named Bangladesh. Since then, I feel Armenians as my brothers and sisters though never visited there.

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