CRAZY STREET LIFE! Kyiv, Ukraine (Kyiv Day 2019) ??

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I walk you through a festive day full of lively streets in Kyiv, Ukraine. #ukraine #kyiv #kiev.

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  1. ab202012 сказал:

    What is hugely amusing, albeit droll, to someone who enjoys the different vibes put out by a US town or city of any size, is the presence or absence of "Chinese" take-away joints. Russian cities may have some distant equivalent in the small shops staffef by Central Asians, selling Central Asia types of take-away: various kebabs, etc.

    What is the ethnic food scene in Kyiv? As you are from SF, a sizzling hotbed of ethnic cuisines, restaurants of all types, many nationalities, what is similar in Ukraine? Any taste for Asian cuisines? USSR exiled many Koreans to Central Asia, and I wonder if those exiles, along with the Baptist exiles, have left any marks on Ukraine?

    Ukraine has a huge military industry base, shipbuilding and such, and attracts a LOT of nationals from India, China, and perhaps many more from SEAsia. I wonder what trickle-down traces in terms of food, cuisine, restaurants, have arisen in Ukraine as a result of these contacts?

    One very interesting thing in Ukraine, that I hope you will cover at some point, is the ELAND farm, that imported Elands from (S?) Africa, and spent decades developing as a dairy breed.

  2. радиостанция сказал:

    Какой же колхоз. До уровня Москвы вы не разовьетесь никогда, даже до уровня Казани или Ебурга – это для вас уже недостижимая планка. Просто говоря – вам пизда.

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