COME TO PERU NOW ?? (It's super cheap!)

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43 мысли о “COME TO PERU NOW ?? (It's super cheap!)

  1. Paulo Tudela сказал:

    I did an extremely fun tour through Perú. I entered from Desaguadero, saw lago Titicaca then went to Puno-Juliaca-Arequipa-Lima-Mancora-Tumbes and went into Ecuador. I really think you missed out on one of the most beautiful sights ever. You should’ve travelled from Lima to Cusco by bus, that way you would’ve seen the desert meet the ocean. Truly breathtaking

  2. Shiroumx M сказал:

    Mexican food while visiting perú lol peruvians must be crying of envy and jeloussy hahaha they hate us Mexicans cause we have similar history (ancient cultures, both countries were vicerroyalties etc) but we have 46 million tourists per year and they only 5 millions , also hate the fact that our mexican cousine is cultural heritage of humanity and they been collecting signs in internet to protest cause their food is not lol)

  3. Susan Shaffer сказал:

    Seattle area resident here…

    Seattle area resident here. Love your style! Newly subscribed and so grateful for the filming you choose to do; mostly areas those of us over 70 will likely never get to visit, i love your openness and positivity you display and friendly interaction with just about anyone you encounter. I know I couldn't do what you do. Keep up your fantastic work. Also, I and I'll bet many others would love seeing the inside of the local supermarkets when you do your shopping…that is, if you 're allowed to film in them. Thanks for these travelogues, Nick! Love you and them. ?

  4. 123mrthunder сказал:

    Went to cusco 3 years ago, one of the things i totally regret doing was forgetting to climitise for 1 day. What made it worse was that i had a tour around the city already booked soon after the flight, i was hungry and never had the chance to eat much. 4 hours later, went back to the hotel, i could barely make it to the 3rd floor in which my room was located at. I almost fainted from exhaustion and hunger…

    2nd day i was better and the altitude didn't bother me.

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