CLIMBING the HIGHEST Mountain in NORTH AFRICA // MT. TOUBKAL, Morocco 4167m المغرب

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Mt. Toubkal is one of the most insane adventures that I have ever embarked on. When your friend’s crampon snaps in half and his head torched blows off at 5am …

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  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    Hey guys, here is a video I made of my friend, Joe and I, climbing Mt. Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa and the second highest mountain in all of Africa. It is one of the craziest adventures that I have ever embarked on. When your friend's crampon snaps in half and his head torch blows off in gail force winds at 5am in the pitch dark when you are standing on a steep ice ridge on the side of a the tallest mountain in North Africa, let me just say that it's not the most pleasant experience. But it when all was said done, it transformed into one of the most pleasant experiences of my life.

    After the trip I had over 4 hours of raw footage to edit. I put over 40 hours of editing into this video in the space of just a few days and then with the internet I am currently using, it took 20 hours to upload the finished product. I am absolutely stoked with how this video has come out.

    I don't normally ask you guys directly to share my videos but for this video I am going to make an exception because I would really like it to gain a bit of exposure. So if you would like to share it with your friends, or just with whoever, then I will be eternally grateful to you and I really do appreciate your support so much.

    Thanks guys, and don't forget to leave me a comment with your thoughts of this video!

  2. Dan from Lancashire сказал:

    Hi, great video, really enjoying working my way through your travels (Macedonia/ Albania next) but quick question.

    Is it easy to find a guide in Imlil? or would you recommend pre-booking one online before the trip? Most of the trips i've seen online are £250+ so i'd prefer to do it cheaper.


  3. Felix N сказал:

    Hello mate, ive got a question cuz i'm planing to do something similar… how do you upload ur videos?? Do they have internet in some spots at those far away middle in the no where villages? Or do u pay some kind of international internet bill?

  4. Julian Lewis сказал:

    Enjoyed the video, thanks for posting it! Quite inspired to have a go at it now. Not sure if anyone else mentioned this already but Toubkal isn't the second highest peak in Africa, the second highest is Mt Kenya. Toubkal is 22nd highest. Still a cracking effort.

  5. Mehdi maroc сказал:

    A perfect example of how to travel in morocco (morocco is not just marrakech ) , new subscriber for life right here , and i feel bad of what happened to ur wallet and on behalf of moroccans sorry about that , much love

  6. Eric Lloyd сказал:

    If you have issues with high altitudes then i highly recommend picking up some Dang Shen (codonopsis root) it increases the oxygen saturation of the blood and has no side effects (non stimulant) get fresh dried root organic if possible, dosage is 1-3 grams taken every 6 hours or as needed. it has a very pleasant taste almost like vanilla. you will notice your breathing will slow down after taking it due to higher blood oxygen. I love all your videos thank you for working so hard to make them. especially this one with all the hiking. incredible views on this trip!

  7. Gabriel Traveler сказал:

    Awesome, that was a pretty crazy adventure alright. Glad Joe was okay. Did you ever hear anything more about the Hungarian guy? He broke his leg near the top of the mountain? I can't imagine how he could get down without a helicopter rescue.

  8. DiPa Travel Vlogs сказал:

    Holy shit! You used Daylight from Kim and Matt! 😀 😀 😀 That's one of my favourite songs!
    Only for that already you're getting a like! ^_^
    And yeah, Morocco is definitely awesome. High on my own bucket list too!
    Greets Pauline

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