CHITTAGONG, BANGLADESH – Ship Graveyard of the World.

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Одна мысль о “CHITTAGONG, BANGLADESH – Ship Graveyard of the World.

  1. Riaz Osmani сказал:

    Everyone is so upset that Indigo is not shooting in more picturesque, neat and upscale places. That is not what Indigo is looking for. Get over it. Bangladesh has upscale restaurants, shopping malls, posh residential areas, as well as grime, filth, slums etc. All of that is Bangladesh. He will see what he wants to see and what fascinates him. It will not match what you would want to see or want Indigo to see. Foreign travelers are not interested to see things similar to in their own countries. They want an adventure that is unique to Bangladesh. And that is what he is experiencing. Too bad if that embarrasses you. It means you are too detached from the reality of Bangladesh.

  2. Hydrocarbonman147 сказал:

    I have not checked but having seen a documentary on the ship graveyard recently, it seemed the only way to film anywhere near the place without getting arrested is secretly and even then you need to be a local and the locals will not do this as there are consequences if they get caught!

  3. Yasser Aziz сказал:

    The shipyard graveyard breaks a huge amount of labor safety standards, hence no permit for you to expose those violations. Local businessmen profit by using dirt cheap workers to cut up the ship with the cheapest equipment available and then sell the metal at a much higher price. This tragedy of 'no safety for workers' is pervasive throughout Bangladesh. Many of the times the workers die or get permanently injured/burned or a terminal disease. And the owners don't care, they're absolutely heartless. And literally by the next morning, the worker is replaced, because the abundant supply of poor people will do almost any risky task to put food on the table. Really really sad.

    Next time you come, I'd love to host you and show you more of Bangladesh. Your vlogs are legendary and I appreciate you highlighting my country. Thank you.

  4. REJWANUL HAQUE сказал:

    Bro. Your video is just like childish. you couldn't cover any reasonable documentation of ship breaking industries in BD. Like some photos here and there that don't represent the whole picture of anywhere or of anything. If you want to be a good world class blogger, try to have cultural respect and empathy and try to find the pleasure and adventure when seeing a new thing, area , atmosphere, etc. You have compared the western recyling practise with recycling practise in a developing country!!!!!! And recycling is very much needed for the entire world. And issues of safety and good technology can be a matter of discussion, and not that these people tend to use more recycled product than your areas!!! Look Bangladesh is an ever-growing Ship building country also. The dust and dirt in a remote lane should not be a matter of subject to see by anybody in the world. Try to make a whole picture like the city is crowdy, noisy, dirty as you like to discover…….

  5. Larry Baley сказал:

    I prefer the video of real people who live there lives close to the street. There less likely to put on a false front to there reality. Wealthy people generally put on an act of propriety . Poor people don't. Every country is like that. I recently traveled from the US to Mexico City very disappointing. Except for the language it was the same as any big American City generally cleaner I hate to say. Will soon be traveling to some of the cities your are showing. Thank you for showing me what to expect. Less surprises.

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