CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S PAKISTAN (Didn't expect this)

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Walking around the streets of Pakistan’s Capital and more. -My INSTAGRAM: -Music used in my videos (Free 30 trial): …

37 мыслей о “CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S PAKISTAN (Didn't expect this)

  1. Indigo Traveller сказал:

    ? A REMINDER ?
    I am no longer travelling in Pakistan, I am self-isolating in Europe and have been for several weeks. I will be making a video in the coming week about my experience throughout this new global situation we are all facing so keep an eye on my channel for that. Stay up to date with the latest photos of this trip, check out my instagram here: -Thank you for watching, look after yourself and each other during these days. ???

  2. Marcos Esteban сказал:

    It's rather embarrassing – you accepted his invitation for tea yet you didn't even gave him at least the least denomination of your NZ dollar or whatever currency you had in your wallet. In Asia, at least you have to refuse such gesture unless it was done several times and what made it worse was you were not kind enough to reciprocate that gesture.

  3. Sumeet t сказал:

    I just watched another video of Islamabad recently,I have been watching plenty of food tours of Pakistan,one thing that I noticed was in Karachi and Lahore,there are not many women out in public,
    But in this video and the other of Islamabad,I could see many women out in public,with their families,why is the difference?Is it because the culture is different,is it that Islamabad is the capital so mostly the elites live there who have different perspective?

  4. Hafiz Umar сказал:

    There you go sir!
    You earned a subscriber who chose you for your respect and honest portrayal. I was born in Lahore and am currently living in Islamabad. I wish i'd know you when you visited us. I would've loved to be with you. Looking forward to accompany you when you come again. (Coz definitely u will).
    Respect to you man for visiting us.
    P.s. ; we need more people like you.
    (Offering tea to every visitor is a part of our culture which is now being suppressed by modern hustle but it is still practised in abundance. Customers enjoy cold drinks and tea offered and sometimes insisted by the shop keepers.)
    Loved your communication and concern to the details of it. 🙂

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